What I Want For My Birthday Post-Baby

We only get one birthday a year, and sometimes as mums we shrug the day off because it’s another expense to add to the family budget or it’s just another reminder we’re getting older.

I know the sentiment all too well because my birthday has been overshadowed by two major events over the last two years. You see I gave birth to my youngest child 2 days after my 30th birthday (2 years ago). I was too tired and achy and heavy to be bothering with a 30th Birthday celebration, so I opted for an intimate dinner with my husband instead. The gifts that year ended up being a disaster. But we won’t get into that.

Last year, my Birthday was a non-event as I prepared for my baby’s first Birthday celebration.

This year… well I’ve left it to the last minute again to organise anything really special, but thank goodness for my mum and husband. I’m having lunch at my mum’s with all the family and then my husband is taking me out for dinner. Kid free. #can’twait

When you become a mum, you really value the simple things in life like going out to dinner with your husband, or having someone else cook you a meal. 

Of course, I’ve been asked what I would like for my Birthday, and usually I would brush the question off with ‘I don’t need anything’ or ‘don’t waste your money on me’ or ‘surprise me’.

And most times I am definitely surprised.

But there are things that I need and want this year and I thought I’d share them with you because maybe you can relate? Or maybe you have a husband or partner that needs a really good hint on what to get you on your special day? Because let’s face it, we fuss over everyone in our household when it’s their birthday and our birthday should be no different.

Gift Ideas for the Mum Post-Baby

1. Vouchers. Apparently vouchers are deemed ‘unthoughtful’ or are seen as last minute gift, but I say that’s a load of rubbish. Vouchers are like money where you can go buy the things you can’t afford because the budget has been too tight. Like bras. Oh how I need new BRAS! My husband would say hallelujah to this, however, the bras he has in mind are not the ones I need. I need good fitting bras that can push up my drooping bosoms – which are a result of breastfeeding three babies. I’ve been wearing my maternity bras for 5 years and they are in dire need of being replaced. I need undies that hold my bum up and my tummy in. Sounds very unsexy to my husband but if I left him to his own devices to buy me said items who knows what I’d get. Vouchers are best because I can go and get fitted. Best vouchers would be Coles Myer – (Myer has a great fitting service), David Jones and Bras N Things.

2. Clothing vouchers to nice shops like Country Road, Witchery, Forever New, Seed Heritage – the places you don’t shop at anymore because you can’t afford them or you’re body has changed shape and size and you need to update your wardrobe. Don’t knock how awesome it feels to wear comfy and stylish clothes as a mum.

3. A beauty treatment. I can count on one hand how many beauty treatments I get each year, so to be bought a massage voucher/pedicure voucher/facial voucher and to have some time by myself being pampered? Book me in!!

4. A new book. I need to leave direct hints on this one. I love books – and I don’t get to read a lot, but when I’m given one, I do make the time to read it.

5. New Pyjamas. I always opt for a size bigger than I am and I let my husband or family know this when they ask. Favourites are Peter Alexander or Sussan. Big W can also serve up the goods.

6. Engraved Jewellery. Since I’ve finished having all my children, I’d love a necklace with my children’s names engraved on them. This can be an extravagant purchase, but one that I’d treasure. Think Uberkate.

7. Appliance that helps me be an efficient mum. I never understood why mums would get a household appliance for their Birthday, until I became a mum and would yearn for a dryer/slow cooker/thermomix etc to make running the household easier. It may be an extravagant present but it will be the gift that keeps on giving!

These items may not even interest you in the least, and if they don’t, tell your partner what you would like. Whenever you see something you like (or need) put it on a list and keep the list handy so when people ask you what you really want for your birthday, you can tell them. Sometimes anything from a certain brand would make me feel special. Brands like Kate Spade, Dinosaur Designs, Samantha Wills or Bohemian Traders.

Lastly a card that tells me I’m appreciated and loved would top off the day.

Do you struggle telling your partner what to buy you for your Birthday? Or do you really like surprises?

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    July 13, 2016 at 9:32 am

    One year I think it was about 5 or 6 years ago when my birthday had been completely overlooked and I had been pretty miffed I must say I had high expectations for Christmas. Hubby asked me what I wanted and to make a list so I did. A very specific list with brands and sizes and in some cases the store or online store you could get it from.
    Hubby decided there was nothing on the list he wanted to give me as I had such a crappy birthday so he went completely off list! His heart was in the right place he wanted to treat me and get me more expensive gifts than I wanted. But did I mention completely off list! Not one gift that I wanted, not the book I had hoped for, not the CD I wanted, not the PJs I needed I am sure you are getting the picture and not one single thing off my list.
    That was an uncomfortable Christmas because I had to ooze happiness and watch everyone else get all these gifts they needed, wanted, and loved. Meanwhile nothing my way. Aaahhhh I have come to the conclusion my hubby is not a great gift giver at all because he just doesn’t care about that sort of thing. He is far more a physical touch love language guy so he doesn’t get the gift giving at all. It isn’t that he isn’t thoughtful he is he just doesn’t understand why gifts are important to others.

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