Easy Olympic Cookies

I love watching the Olympic games. It’s probably the only sports coverage I happily watch continuously when the games are on. Swimming, rowing,  gymnastics, diving and the track and field events are usually my favourite competitions to watch. You can sometimes find me yelling loudly at the Australian teams to ‘Go, Go, GO!’ or I’ll be tearing up over a win or a great finish. The Olympics bring out the best emotions in me.

I want my girls to enjoy watching the Olympics too. We’ve been a bit pre-occupied this weekend after celebrating my six year old’s Birthday with a big Shopkins party. But this week, I have no doubt we will have the TV on to view the swimming and keeping a tally on those medals.

Little kids may not completely understand the concept of the Olympics, but it’s never too early to teach them and explain what the Olympics are all about, and the best way (I think) is teaching through visualization and fun activities – like making these easy Olympic cookies.

My three year old loved making these cookies. They’re super easy and a fun treat that can be eaten while spectating in front of the TV.

Easy Olympic Cookies

Fun for

  • Fine motor skills
  • Olympic Games understanding
  • Just for fun
  • Colour differentiation
  • Pattern creating


  • Arrowroot biscuits (or similar)
  • M&M’s Minis
  • Icing – pre-made or bought


easy olympic cookies ingredients


  1. Get your toddler to sort out the M&M’s into the 5 ring colours. Ask your child if they know what the 5 rings and their colours represent. (My three year old was interested in how many M&M’s she could eat while sorting out the colours!)
  2. Spread the white icing on the arrowroot biscuit.
  3. Place the 5 M&Ms on the biscuit to represent the Olympic rings.
  4. Eat the biscuits while watching the Olympic games.
sort m&mseasy olympic cookiesarrowroot biscuiticing arrowroot biscuiteasy olympic cookies
easy olympic cookies
Easy Olympic Cookies
Of course, you can use whatever shape biscuits you like and make your own icing. I was using up pre-made icing which was left over from my daughter’s birthday party.
Which sports are your favourite events to watch at the Olympic games? Do you watch the games together as a family?

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    They look adorable. Very smart trick.

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