How to Make a Simple Metallic Leaf Garland

I’m always on the hunt for craft activities that use up the leaves my daughters like to collect on the way home from school pick-up.

On this occasion, I was the one to pick up a selection of dead leaves on our walk home.

I had an idea to create a gorgeous leaf garland, and decorate the leaves with metallic pens.

It’s the sort of craft that is easy for kids to do because you give them a pen and tell them to draw on each leaf.

I’m thinking of using the garland as a decoration for Christmas to add a ‘homely DIY’ feel to our Christmas decorating this year.

You can find other leaf garland variations below:

how to make a leaf garland

Fun For

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Rainy Day Craft
  • Christmas Craft
  • Anytime Craft
  • Just for Fun
  • Allows kids to explore outside


  • A lot of brown/dead leaves of various sizes or similar sizes depending on the look you’re after
  • Brown Twine/String
  • Scissors
  • Silver, Gold or White Sharpie Pens
leaf garland materialsleaf garland materials white


1. Collect at least 15 to 20 leaves that are dry and brown.
2. Use the sharpie pens to draw a design on the leaves. Think stripes, dots, swirls, zig zags etc.
3. Gather the brown string and tie a know around the stem of the leaf.
4. Continue to tie each leaf by it’s stem every 10cm or so.
5. Once your garland is finished, hang it somewhere to be admired.
leafy garlandleaf garlandleaf garland leavesleaf garlandleaf garlandleaf garlandleaf garlandleaf garlandleaf garland

Other Leaf Crafts

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