How to Make a Simple Tank Birthday Cake

How to make a tank birthday cake

We had my son’s birthday away from home so I needed something achievable and easy to throw together. Fortunately, he just wanted a simple tank cake. My son is into machinery at the moment and a tank is one of the easier options to try. Fortunately we weren’t trying to win any cake awards here; my son was wrapped with the finished product. 

Products used

  • Basic vanilla cake (find the recipe here)
  • Oreos (for wheels)
  • Sour straps or liquorice straps (for chains)
  • Chocolate finger biscuit (for gun)
  • Icing (this colour chart is a useful colour mixing guide) 

I used a regular rectangle loaf tin, then cut a section off the top as shown below to make the cabin, and just trimmed the sides to size. Tip: Make the cake ahead of time, double wrap in glad wrap and freeze. Cut to size while still frozen and decorate as desired.  

untitledWhen it came to decorating the cake, my husband threw it all together by adding the Oreo wheels, sour strap tracks, and a chocolate finger biscuit for the gun part. Done. One of the easier fuss free cakes we’ve done. He said, “I’m so happy with it mum!” And that made me happy too.img_6998-2

simple tank cake

How to make a tank birthday cake

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    June 23, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    This is fantastic! Not only tasty but so quick and easy to make.

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