How to Make Candy Flowers

How to make Candy Flowers

How to Make Candy Flowers


  • June lollies (with different shapes)
  • 3 toothpicks
  • 1 kebab stick

How to: 

1. Thread a round lolly onto the kebab stick.

2. Cut the 3 toothpicks in half with scissors.

3. Press the blunt side of the toothpick into the the base of the petal lolly (oval or triangle), leaving the sharp end in tack. Do this until you have 5 petals.

4. Press the exposed sharp end of the toothpick into the flower lolly centre.

5. Repeat with the remaining petals.

6. Optional: Thread a triangle green lolly on the kebab stick for the leaf.

Note: This has small parts so there’s a chocking hazard.

How to make a candy flower

Use it for:

  • Birthday party centrepiece
  • Dinner party centrepiece
  • Birthday cake decoration/topper
  • Put a small plastic cover over the top and add a ribbon for a gift. Make sure you include a small parts warning.

How to make a candy flower

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