Bring You, Embrace the Stage, Invest in the Moments

Mops Better Mums Conference

Earlier this year, I spoke at a MOPS International conference in Perth. The audience was awesome and it was such a pleasure! Even though I was only there for the weekend, I met some lovely-lovely people that I will stay in contact with. The three main things I shared:

  1. Bring you to motherhood (whatever that looks like). Celebrate others yet do it your own way. Say no to Pinterest perfection and judging yourself by others’ standards. Discover, and bring yourself to motherhood and BE that mum confidently.
  2. Embrace the stage you’re in with all its joys and challenges. Don’t wish it away because there are building blocks in family life: bonding -> belonging -> supporting. You can’t skip the stages. Understand them, and find ways to embrace the opportunities with the big picture in mind.
  3. Invest in moments that count. You don’t have to love and celebrate every single moment (because it’s certainly not all fun and games) but do recognise the value of everyday moments. Moments are powerful in perspective, like strings on a tapestry. Believe you’re investing in something really beautiful, because you are.

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