Where to Design Your Own Sports Shirts

My little sister and I decided to run the Mother’s Day Classic 8 kilometre race earlier this year to raise money in support of our Dad’s wife, who is affected by breast cancer. We reached our goal, and it was a lovely thing for us to do together in support of someone special in our lives. As we were planning for the run, we decided we wanted to have special matchy-matchy T-Shirts. There are a lot of different places online you can design your own T Shirts with text, but I found that most of them were just the regular cotton type of material, and not ideal for sports/running. It took me a long time to find something suitable, and eventually we found these singlets. I thought I might share here in case there are others looking for actual sport shirts (not just t-shirts).  There something I would note: Many companies who design T-Shirts sell the same sort of base shirt (so they source the shirts in bulk from the same company). I looked at both Vistaprint and CafePress and their ranges are very limited.

After hours of online research, I came across TShirtPlus and found they had a really good range of T-Shirts, including dedicated sports apparel. My sister and I ended up buying the Women’s Razor Singlet that comes in 9 different colours and you can print words on the front and back. This one is under $30 so it was affordable, and I found them true to size, and the quality great. Perfect for running! 

Where to Get Sports Shirt Printed

Material details

Where to Get Sports Shirt Printed

What it looks like

Where to get printed sports shirt Australia

If you like the regular T-Shirt with sleeves, this type of shirt also comes in the style below: Women’s Sprint Tee.

Where to Get Sports Shirt Printed

Those are the two cheaper (but good quality) options I found.


This company also sell high performance apparel if that is what you’re looking for (cost around $80-100)

Customised sports wear

Customised sports wear

Race Day

We loved training, wearing matching shirts and running together. It really was very special. We were really happy with the shirts; they were cool and comfortable. 

Where to Get Sports Shirt Printed

Mother's Day Classic 2016

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