Mum & Daughter Pom Pom Tees Craft

I’ve become a little obsessed with pom poms and tassels. I love seeing them on baskets, shoes, earrings and even on clothing. My girls are fond of crafting with pom poms, so this easy activity was one that my three year old loved doing. It got her creativity flowing and was something we could do together while her little sister had a nap. Keep this in mind for the upcoming festive months if you’re looking to create a fun outfit. Think pom pom t-shirts and a cute tutu! pom pom tees pin

Fun For

  • One-on-one parent and child fun
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Colour Sorting skills
  • Pattern making skills
  • Just for Fun
  • School Holiday Craft
  • Christmas outfit


  • 1 adult white t-shirt
  • 1 children’s white t-shirt
  • Assorted Pom Poms
  • Fabric Glue (make sure it doesn’t wash out in water!)
  • Optional – Needle and Thread to sew pom poms once they are glued onto t-shirt.
  • Wash in a wash bag
materials for pom pom tees


1. Grab your tees and pom pom supplies.
2. Work out the colour pattern sequence of the pom poms around the neck hole of t-shirt.
3. Once happy with design, glue each pom pom in place.
4. (Optional) Once the glue sets, use a needle and thread to sew each pom pom for a tighter fasten.
5. Wear your t-shirt with pride and twin with your child.
pom pomspom pom teespom pom teespom pom teespom pom teespom pom teespom pom tees

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