Personalised Tree Decorations (made from cardboard)

Personalised tree decoration

I always have a few boxes and washi tape around, and I had this idea of using the materials to make initial decoration for the kids for our tree. They worked out swell and look fantastic on the tree. The cardboard is surprisingly durable, and I believe these will last a good many years. If you’re interested in reading a story about the significance of homemade Christmas decorations, here’s a beautiful post tracking handmade decoration of ten years: Christmas Decoration – 10 Years in the Making.


  • Washi tape (or use paint or markers to decorate)
  • Thick cardboard (for example, from a box)
  • Cutting board.
  • Craft knife
  • Craft glue 
  • Twine

Handmade Tree Decoration - Cardboard Initial


1. Put initials into a word processing document and print. Keep the font simple (which will make cutting easier). I used Arial Black at size 280 for this project.

2. Use initial template as a guide to cut the cardboard. You can use scissors, but I find working with thick cardboard, it’s better to use a craft/Stanley knife. 

3. Tip: Overshoot the cuts at each point to make removal easier.

4. Press out the letter. You may need to recut at a few points to ease it out.

5. Then it’s time to decorate! I used washi tape but they can be painted even just drawn using pens. Note: Decorate the RIGHT side of the letter facing up first.

6. For washi tape decorations, lay the tape over the letter so it’s completely covered.

7. Then turn it over and trim using the craft knife.

8. That’s one side covered.

9. Before repeating the step on the other side, cut a small section of twine, fold over and glue on the cardboard side. This will enable the decoration to be hung. Then lay washi tape over and trim and it’s done.

10. All ready to hang!

This can be a fun activity for kids too; however I would do all the cutting part and they can decorate it with paint, pens or tape how they like.


 Decorations we can remember for Christmas 2016.

Handmade Tree Decoration - Cardboard Initial

This gives you an indication of size.

Handmade Tree Decoration - Cardboard Initial


Handmade Tree Decoration - Cardboard Initial

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