Little Everyday Luxury Items

I’m often reminded how fortunate I am to have choice. So many choices. That, in itself, is a luxury. I was thinking the other day when I was brushing my teeth, about little everyday luxuries I indulge in and I thought I would share them here. Ever since I have become a mother, these little luxuries play an important part in retaining my sense of self, and they are easy woven into each day.

1. Toothpaste Push Up

I know I pay extra for this toothpaste that pushes up, and I don’t even care. This saves my sanity and it’s worth the extra $$. Ha! I have tried and tried with tube paste and other members of the family just get it everywhere. It drives me nuts. I find the dispenser minimises wastage (the kids don’t use as much), and it makes things clean(er). Someone needs to make me a refillable one.

Luxury Items I use

2. Butter

This butter IS THE BEST! I still buy cheap butter sticks for cooking, but whenever Lurpak comes on special, I stock up. I love butter, and this stuff is just gorgeous on a nice sour dough.

Luxury Items I use

3. Tea Cups

I have a range of pretty vintage and other tea cups. I use them. They aren’t kept high in a cupboard for special occasions. I use and enjoy them. My sister gave me this one. I love the colours and how it’s stained and worn and used. Things are meant to be used and enjoyed.

Luxury Items I use

4. Essential Oils

I did a job with Thursday Plantation last year, and realised they did essential oils along with other products I was familiar with. Ever since then, I especially find myself using the eucalyptus oil. It’s my go to for cleaning my kitchen. I just put a bit on a wet Norwex cloth and clean the benches/table. I adore the smell, it just makes me feel good. 

Luxury Items I use

5. Candles

I’m going through a candle stage that I don’t see waining. If I’m feeling a bit low, or extra happy, I light a candle. Woodwick candles are glorious (but expensive). Recently when I was at Ikea, I grabbed a few from there.

Luxury Items I use

6. Coffee

Coffee is my thing. When I wake up in the morning, that first cup is an absolute delight to me. It makes me so happy! I have a Nespresso machine which is a luxury really. I have detailed the pros and cons of the machine if anyone is interested in this review post


7. Beautiful Soap

Ten years ago, when I was pregnant with my fourth child, my husband and I went away for our anniversary. This was the first time we had been away child-less for a very long time and it was lovely! We went to Stanthorpe for the weekend, about 3 hours drive from Brisbane. It was chilly and beautiful. In our guest room, there was little soaps and they smelled so amazing I wanted to find out where to get them. It turned out, the soap was made locally from lovely little shop called Pure Heaven. From time to time, when I need a bit of a personal pick up, I put in an order in online. I’ve just purchased these four products and can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail.


8. Jewellery 

Jewellery has always been an enjoyable expression for me. Depending on the age of my children at the time, I would wear different pieces. Now my kids are older, I have the freedom to slip on a necklace or dangle some earrings. It’s such an easy way to dress up an outfit. I like all kinds of jewellery, from funky bead necklaces to classics like the Uberkate pieces pictured below: Expression Pendant with my children’s handwritten names, Ubercircle with my own and my husband’s name, and an Every Cocktail Ring.


It’s interesting, as I look back over my list, most of these little luxuries are about the senses. The taste of butter lathered on fresh bread, the tink of a tea cup as it kisses the saucer, the aroma of candles in the air, the scent of soap, the warmth of strong coffee, the joy of a silver necklace around ones neck. Ah, good things. Enjoy good things and weave them into your day.

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