American Girl has just announced… it’s a boy!

The simple appeal of the American Girl doll collection is a breath of fresh air.  Since 1986, American Girl dolls have been filling a gap in the market by offering child-like dolls; whereas previously, girls had the limited choice of playing with either baby dolls or teen/adult styled dolls.

Initially created to help teach girls about American history, the 18-inch American Girl dolls come with a book series which tells a story from the perspective of the doll’s character. In recent times, the dolls and their associated stories have become more contemporary, and more embracing of different cultures, abilities and circumstances.

What has remained the same though, is the company’s commitment to creating characters with stories that act as both mirrors and windows – giving girls the opportunity to see a direct reflection of themselves, or a chance to learn about a life or culture that may be very different from their own.

American Girl Dolls

American Girl releases a boy doll

Now, fans of the doll collection can purchase an American Girl boy doll – named Logan Everett – as the (admittedly expensive) collection diversifies even further.

The company has stated that they’ve received countless requests over the years for a boy doll, and finally that wish has been granted.

Logan’s character likes to play drums, alongside his friend (and fellow doll) Tenney Grant, who is a singer-songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee.

American Girl Doll - Boy Doll Logan

American Girl Doll - Terney Grant and Logan Everrett

Aside from Tenney and Logan, 2017’s collection includes American Girl’s “Girl of the Year” doll, Gabriela McBride, who was released in January. Interestingly, Gabriela’s character communicates through spoken word poetry, which has helped manage her stutter. 

American Girl Doll of the year Gabriella

The makers of American Girls say they want girls to be proud of what makes them special, which is why they provide so many doll choices. Girls can even personalise their dolls with their choice of skin tones, face moulds, eye colours, hair styles and textures, plus hundreds of accessories.

There are even dolls without hair for girls who may be dealing with permanent or temporary hair loss, and several other specialised items, such as hearing aids, a service-dog set, a blood-sugar testing kit, glasses, and a wheelchair.

American Girl Dolls - Boy Doll Logan

Australian Girl dolls

Although more limited in options, there is also a beautiful collection of Australian Girl dolls, which are similar in quality and style to their American counterparts.

Created by an Australian mother and grandmother, there are five girl dolls in the collection to choose from, each with their own unique personality.

For more information about Australian dolls, you can read Kelly’s review here.

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