Blast From the Past: DINKY Diary (1989)

I’ve become extremely nostalgic of late. I find myself revisiting movies I enjoyed as a child, hunting down toys I adored like Sweet Secrets and Barbie, and looking through old photos. As I was hunting through a memory box, I discovered my dinky diary organiser from 1989. These were all the rage when I was at school! I loved this diary: the bright colours, the flip open sections, the STICKERS in the back. There are even some stickers left in there. It’s strange to think that I used this diary almost 30 years ago. I mean, that is just crazy!! How can it be 28 years ago?? I would have been in grade 5 at the time.

1989 Dinky Diary

1989 Dinky Diary

1989 Dinky Diary

I missed Cathy’s birthday. Can’t even remember who Cathy was. Sorry Cathy.

1989 Dinky Diary

At one point in my life, a very long time ago, I weighted 34kgs apparently.

1989 Dinky Diary


1989 Dinky Diary

Did you have a dinky diary?


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    December 3, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Tears of joy and nostalgia are running down my cheeks – thank you so much for the images. I had one every year for Christmas, pink one, yellow one and blue one. I’m going to go home to mums this Christmas and see if mine is hiding somewhere in a box. I was showing my 8 year old daughter your images and told how she would just jump with excitement if she only knew how these were so much fun.

    Thank you thank you thank you xx


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