How to choose a rug for your family home

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Rugs are often an overlooked design element in the family home. The sofa and television usually take priority, followed by other furniture and fittings. But the humble rug is one of the most used and most visible design pieces in the family home, meaning it needs to be both stylish and functional.

Choosing a rug to suit the style of your home

With so many designs, colours and sizes to choose from, selecting the right rug for your home can seem an overwhelming task. That’s why Carpet Call offer a free home approval service. This service allows you to take your favourite rugs home to see how they work in your space. Once you’ve decided which one’s a keeper, you can purchase it and return the others.

Some other style factors to keep in mind when choosing a rug include:

  • Measure the size of the space first, as it can be difficult to estimate the size needed once in store or when looking at rugs online. 
  • Consider the colour palate of the room that the rug will be featured in – are you looking for tranquil hues or a vibrant and bold colour scheme? Ideally, the rug’s colours should tie in with the existing colour design of the room.
  • Think about the layout of your room. If the rug is for the living or family area, consider the sofa arrangement as this will determine the shape and size of the rug you’re looking for. Also think about whether your rug will tuck under the sofa/seats, or whether you would prefer to have a border of floor space around the rug?

hoosing a rug for your home

Choosing a rug to suit the practicalities of your home

Life with kids (and pets!) is messy, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But this does become a consideration when choosing a rug. It needs to be able to withstand plenty of foot traffic, while still feeling comfortable underfoot. In particular, you will want to think about:

  • What sort of material – natural fibre or synthetic? To maximise a rug’s durability, consider synthetic fibres, wool blends or natural fibres , which can take a lot of wear and tear.
  • Think about whether you want your rug to be short pile or long pile? If it’s going to be placed in an area where kids play, keep to a short pile, so that it’s flat enough to build blocks on or play a board game on.
  • Protect your rug with Scotchguard so that dirt and spills can be cleaned easily. You may also want to choose a patterned rug, too, rather than a solid block colour, so that it doesn’t show up dirt or stains easily. 

choosing a carpet for your home

choosing a rug for your home

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Carpet Call have long been known for their wide assortment of carpets and rugs, but they also sell quality timber and laminate flooring, and blinds. They have suburban stores right around Australia, or you can view and order their products online.

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And with the cooler season of autumn approaching, there is no better time to make your home more comfortable with a warm and cosy rug. Carpet Call’s large selection of stunning discount rugs and rug collections are constantly being updated so there is always something new to choose from.

hoosing a rug for your home

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