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Things have been busy the last couple of weeks as I have been organising myself (and the entire family in my absence) to head to Israel with not-for-profit organisation called Vibe Israel. After a recommendation from the lovely The Imperfect Mum, I applied to be part of this trip. I chatted more to the Vibe Israel team and became even more keen to be involved. You see this isn’t about tourism, it’s about people. That’s the heart. It’s about mothers. It’s about creating family time, the juggle of fostering innovation opportunities amongst parenting, amazing food that brings people together and celebrating the creativity of interesting women. I’ve become passionate about connecting with women and mothers around the world and what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to do that.

I am packed and ready to go. I thought I would share some of my travel favourites with you:

  • JAG Australia Skinny Jeans – The Kate. These jeans have an elastic waist so are super comfy for travel.
  • French Connection – Track Star Lyocell Pant. I bought these to travel in the plane with and they are SO COMFORTABLE.  I will prob end up buying another pair when I’m back in Australia. 
  • Norwex Face Cloth. Always take this with me travelling. It gets of grime and make up like nothing else.
  • Champagne Cartel Tee. These are the perfect kind of tee. They just are the right length, size, fit and sleeve length. 
  • Contigo Drink Bottle. I like to take an empty drink bottle with me when I travel so it helps me to keep hydrated. 
  • Ruby Olive Necklace. It’s bright and chunky. Good for dressings up simple clothes and not too delicate for travel.
  • Scarves. Lots of scarves.
  • Uberkate Pendant (with my children’s names on it). I always like to take this with me when I travel (shown in the pic further below).
  • Metalicus Maxi Cardi. I bought this a couple of years ago (so it’s not in stock anymore) and it’s been one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I always take it in my carry on in the plane so when it gets chilly, I have something to put on.

Travelling to Israel - what to wear

Ready to go. Below I’m wearing the French Connection pants.

Travelling to Israel - what to wear

Update: Arrived din Tel Aviv after almost 30 hours of travel. Spent an afternoon walking around the city and beach. I won’t have time to blog much while I’m over here, but I’ll have plenty of stories to write when I get back and I’ll be updating my Instagram page @beafunmum regularly if you want to following along with daily activities. 

Tel Aviv

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