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I have a little herb and vegetable garden in the backyard. I love it.

I like looking at it from my kitchen. I like when the kids come in excited with hands full of tomatoes. I like going out into the garden to pluck herbs to add to dinner. There’s something very wholesome about it. However, my garden didn’t grow so well this time around because the bugs motored through it! You see, I like to avoid spraying chemicals on things we are going to eat, but the bugs are the downside.

We are replanting, and this time, I’ve found a more natural way to keep bugs at bay. The secret is a bug-stopping daisy grown right here in Australia.

Australian Natural Pyrethrins®

These beautiful daisies contain the all-natural insecticide active ingredient PYRETHRINS. Unlike some chemical insecticides, this special insecticide has low toxicity for us and our families and breaks down in sunlight leaving no lasting chemical residues on your plants or veggies.

Australian Natural Pyrethrins®

This powerful active ingredient is used in a wide range of trusted products for eradicating bugs in the home, the garden, for flea control on pets, even for combatting head lice. Keep a look out for products with the ‘daisy mark’ on the product packaging, or check for PYRETHRINS in the list of ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS on the product label.

Click here for a full list of bug control products containing Australian Natural Pyrethrins®. These can be found at your local grocery store or garden centre.

I plan to give the Yates Pyrethrum Gun a go in our veggie garden this time around.

Now onto my tips for planting a herb garden from seeds, I’ve broken this down into three different steps:

Stage 1: Plant the Seeds

The kids and I have planted from seeds before. It’s a lot of fun to see the shoots pop out of the ground.  We used toilet rolls for this projects (great way to recycle them) and you can find the step-by-step procedure here: Plant seedlings in toilet rolls. Skip this process if you’re planting seedlings.

Stage 2: Create Garden Label Rocks

While the seedlings are growing tall and strong in their lovely toilet roll case, make label rocks.  Or you can use other label methods like write on small wooden spoons (just make sure you varnish them with outdoor gloss). Step by Step guide here: Paint herb garden rocks.

Stage 3: Plant

This time I’m going straight to planting with seedlings. I’ve decided on cherry tomatoes, basil, silver beet and mint.

I added potting mixture to the soil and then planted our seedlings. For more tips for planting in pots, click here.

Yay! Makes me so happy to see all that lovely green.

When I was going back over my gardening diaries preparing to replant the garden, I realised my green-thumb friend gave me a PYRETHRINS-based garden bug spray when she helped me set up a potted garden a few years ago, and I had forgotten about that step! I did have greater success with keeping my herbs and tomatoes pest free and now I know why.

Next time you’re choosing bug control products to eliminate pests from the home or garden look for the Australian Natural Pyrethrins® ‘daisy mark’ on the product packaging.

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