Because They Matter

I walked briskly, weaving through hundreds of children, as I made my way to the designated after school meeting spot. I saw another mum darting across the oval, much like myself. What caught my eye was the woman’s exaggerated side to side movements. Then I noticed a little boy in a still-too-big uniform slightly ahead of her. His brown curly head bobbed up and down as he gleefully jumped on his mother’s shadow as it moved from side to side. I thought: often ‘the world’ doesn’t see these moments of investment. The little things mothers weave into their day, even amongst the busyness. I admired this mother who turned a walk across the oval into fun connection with her one. I was reminded of the value of threading small significance into regular activities in everyday life. Because they matter.

Mother and Son Shadow


Little Stories 

First published on the BAFM Facebook Page here.

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