Mother’s Day Magazine Poetry Project

A recycled poetry project is a great way to show your love for Mum. It’s affordable – and personal. You choose words and decorations that speak straight from your heart … to Mum’s.

You will need:

• Magazines and brochures (Mother’s Day brochures are perfect for Mother’s Day poetry projects!)
• scissors
• craft glue
• decorative doo-dads – recycled bits and bobs
• a surface to present your poem on; cardboard, timber, an old plate … anything!

Mother's Day Craft Idea - Poetry Project

What to do:

1. Peruse magazines to find words you think suit a poem for your mum. The poem may be a message to Mum – or it may be about something Mum loves – like the beach, or cooking … Let your personality, and love, shine through.

Mother's Day Craft Idea - Poetry Project

2. Play with the words and arrange them to create a poem. Identify any additional words you may need. If you can’t find a word, cut individual letters to make the word.

Mother's Day Craft Idea - Poetry Project

3. Choose a background for your poem. An old plate, timber, or even a sheet of cardboard or paper. (You may choose to make your poem into a card for Mum.) Lay the poem onto the background, playing with alignment of your words. Remember to leave space for some decorative doo-dads.

4. Glue your poem and doo-dads onto your chosen background. (White PVA glue works best for the words. Clear craft glue dries quickly, for the doo-dads.) Don’t go crazy with the decorations. The poem should be clear and easy to read.

Mother's Day Craft Idea - Poetry Project

Mother's Day Craft Idea - Poetry Project

5. Voilà – your poetry project is done!

NOTE: If you choose to varnish your project, you will FIRST need to coat the words with a PVA glue wash – and leave to dry. Otherwise the oil-based varnish will make the paper transparent – and your poem will be very difficult to read!

Mother's Day Craft Idea - Poetry Project


KatApel - Australian Author - Too Many Friends

KATHRYN APEL is a born-and-bred farm girl who’s scared of cows. She lives with her husband and two sons among the gum trees, cattle and kangaroos on a Queensland grazing property. Too Many Friends is Kathryn’s fifth book and third verse novel, following the release of On Track (2015) and Bully on the Bus (2014) to much acclaim. Kathryn loves pumping poetry because she can flex her muscles across other genres, to bend (and break) writing rules. Kathryn teaches part-time and shares her passion for words at schools and festivals.

Too Many Friends by Kathryn Apel

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