The Heart of Mother’s Day

I was in a rush this morning because I had to make a stop on the way to school. I walked into my local service station to withdraw cash from the ATM, and grabbed an obligatory pack of mints to split the fifty. The young man behind the counter wore a genuine smile and I asked him if I could have two $10 notes in the change. Please.

“It’s the school Mother’s Day stall this morning,” I added, feeling the need to explain.

His smile turned into a laugh, “I love that,” he said, “Here you are getting money for your own Mother’s Day present.”

I laughed with him. I know right?

But you know: I see Mother’s Day as more of thing for children than for mothers. They do get so excited about it, and isn’t that a very beautiful thing in its own way?

I distinctly remember painstakingly making my way down the tables in the school hall as a child, a dollar in hand, looking for the perfect present for my precious mum. Then I saw it. I fell desperately in love with a little brooch. The pin was topped with two miniature knitting needles threading actual rows of wool. I remember how excited I felt as I swapped my coin for the little bag.

The idea of Mother’s Day is often about pampering the mother in appreciation. However in reality, it’s more about facilitating the adoration of little ones. And when you think about it, isn’t our children’s adoring joy such a beautiful consequence of the continuous and unconditional investment of love?

Made with love by my daughter.

Breakfast in Bed on Mother's Day


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