Butterflies on a Stick Craft

If you’re looking for an easy craft activity with your toddlers, this butterflies on a stick craft is the craft for you. It requires minimal materials and only a little help from an adult.butterflies on a stick craft

I asked my two and four year old daughters what craft they wanted to make today and they said they wanted to make butterflies. We had already made paper plate butterflies, so I decided to change up a similar craft idea I have shared here before.

This craft requires the kids to go outside and find thick sticks. You may have to take them to your local park to find the right length and thickness.

Once we made our craft, the girls have been using them as wands.


  • Thick sticks
  • Small patty cake cases
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue

materials butterflies on a stick craft


1. Make your butterflies by flattening a patty cake case and then fold it in half.

make butterflies

2. Fold a pipe cleaner around it (you may have to cut your pipe cleaners to suit) and twist for the antennas. Fold the ends around

3. Make a few butterflies to adorn your stick.

butterflies on a stick craft

4. Once your butterflies have been made, it’s time to choose which ones will flutter on your stick. Get the kids to glue the butterflies to make it their own.

butterflies on a stick craft

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