Cooking Fun With Kids – Bread Shapes

If you’re looking for a simple cooking project to do with kids, they can create their own bread shapes with dough.

Making Dough

I often make dough, and I’ve detailed how I make it here. It’s not hard at all, but it does need to rise. You can also make a no rise dough with greek yoghurt and self raising flour which you can find here.


Once the dough is ready, kids can make whatever shape they want. Further below you can see some of my children’s creations. 

Note: If you are using the full bread dough, once the kids have shaped their pieces, allow to rise as you would making the bread rolls in step 11 here. If you are using the no rise dough, just pop it straight in the oven and follow the baking instructions here.


Wash the bread shapes with a bit of egg yolk and add sesame, poppy seeds, garlic or chilli, herbs or cheese.


Bake according to instructions and enjoy! 

Bread shapes for the lunch box

bread shapes for the lunch box

Octopus bread shape

Bread shapes for the lunch box

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