Father’s Day Gift Idea: Dad’s Storage Cube of Treats

If you’re looking for a practical yet fun DIY gift idea for Father’s Day, put together a Dad’s Storage Cube of Treats. It’s a gift dad can enjoy in the moment and afterwards as the cube can be used to store bits and pieces in his tool shed or garage. 

dad's storage cube of treats

Every year my girls want to make something for their daddy for Father’s Day. Usually, they will make something special at school and Kindy, but if you have a younger child who doesn’t attend care, this craft idea is something the little ones will enjoy doing. 

I bought storage cubes last week from Target for $5.00. Kmart and Big W also stock storage cubes. The paper and canvas cubes are the best ones as the paint adheres to these better. 

You will need to collect a few ‘tool’ items from the garage (this is where I store my tools) or purchase a few different shapes of nuts, bolts, fittings and tools from your local hardware store. Think of items that will stamp well onto the bag. They need to have a flat surface.

I used acrylic paint which seemed to dry well on our storage bags.

My girls had fun dipping some of my old plumbing fittings into the paint and pressing them onto the bag to create a personal touch to their dad’s storage cube of treats.

We only painted one side, but you can paint all the sides. You will just have to wait for each side of the cube to dry before you stamp the other side.

Once your storage cube is completely dry, you can add whatever treats your dad loves to eat. You could even add a DVD, pair of slippers or things that he really needs.


  • 1 storage cube
  • acrylic paint in colours of choice
  • tools, nuts, bolts, pipe – anything that can be used to stamp the bag
  • 1 plastic/paper plate for paint

materials for dad's storage cube of treatsplumbing fittings


  1. Squeeze paint onto plastic paint.
  2. Dip/paint tools with the paint and stamp them onto the bag. 
  3. Dip the fittings into the paint to stamp the bag.
  4. Allow the paint to dry on the bag.
  5. Once dry, paint the other sides of the storage bag. 
  6. Once complete, fill the storage bag with treats dad will love to eat.

stamp bag with toolsdad's storage cube of treatsdad's storage cube of treats fathers day

We’ve made a storage cube for all the grandpas too. It’s an easy gift to make and takes little effort to create. 

dad's storage bag of treats for father's day

You can attach a handmade book for dad with your storage cube, or a letter telling him why you love him. 

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