How to host a Frozen-Inspired Birthday Party

With the news that a sequel to Disney’s Frozen film is in the making, it looks like we won’t be letting go of the movie, its music and beloved characters anytime soon.

If you have a little princess or prince that still loves Anna, Elsa, Olaf and the rest of the characters that make this franchise so successful, you will love these ideas for creating a magical Frozen birthday party.

Frozen themed party decorations

Setting a table for the party guests creates an exciting atmosphere, and gives somewhere for kids to eat and drink together, while safely seated. Folding trestle tables can usually be adjusted to a lower height for children. Plastic tablecloths with Frozen themed designs are available in most discount stores, and children’s sized chairs can be hired from party companies or borrowed from friends. To complete the setting, use Christmas decorations, such as blue and silver snowflakes, to make a pretty centrepiece or runner. And cottonwool makes perfect fake snow!

A Frozen backdrop will also bring the party to life – look for inexpensive posters or banners in department stores, or even design your own. An empty photo frame, hung or placed in front of the backdrop will make a DIY photo booth. You can even add some Frozen inspired dress ups for kids to don for a photo.

Frozen party ideas

Frozen themed party food

For younger children, a simple way of serving morning, lunch or afternoon tea is in individual lunchboxes. Cardboard lunch boxes, in a variety of colours and sizes, are available from party and catering supply shops. This allows you to ensure portion control, and by naming the boxes, children can easily save uneaten food for later, cutting down on waste. It can also be a fun activity for children to decorate their boxes with stickers and pens. Usually, parents will stay at a party for younger children, so you will need to think about providing food and drinks for the parents too. A small lolly and chocolate buffet with themed sweets – such as blue marshmallows and white chocolates – is another idea which doubles as both party food and party décor.

Frozen party ideas

Suggested menu for Frozen party

For the Adults

Oreo Cheesecake Balls

Oreo Balls

Caramel Slice

Carmel Slice

For the Children

  • Olaf the snowman cheese sticks (draw on Olaf’s features with a red and black pen)
  • Snowflake sandwiches (use a star shaped cookie cutter to create the shape)
  • Blue love heart iced biscuits (use the funny face biscuit recipe, use a heart shaped cutter, and ice with blue-tinted royal icing) 
  • Blue jelly with marshmallow snow on top (use individual cups and spoons to serve the jelly)
  • Popcorn served in individual cupcake cases
  • Mixed berries served in individual cupcake cake
  • Small bottle of melted snow (water), named

Frozen party ideas - easy food ideas

Frozen party ideas

Frozen party ideas

Frozen party ideas

Frozen party ideas

Frozen party ideas

Frozen themed party games

There are many entertainment companies offering performers who dress as Anna, Elsa and Olaf and will run the party games and activities for you. Be a Fun Mum recommends Glitter Princess Parties, a Brisbane-based company that provide performers who can sing beautifully, act convincingly and keep little party-goers entertained for hours. For our full review of Glitter Princess Parties, click here

If you’d rather run the party games and activities yourself, there are so many fun and easy ideas; just make sure that Frozen soundtrack is pumping!

Frozen craft

  • make a crown fit for a king or queen, or create a magic wand. All you need are sparkly pipe cleaners.
  • Make Frozen Paper Dolls (templates here)
  • Frozen water and ice play station – in warmer months, this is a great way to keep kids occupied between games, and encourages imaginative play. Check out these posts for more ideas: Frozen Ice Play & Frozen Ice Skating Rink Play.

Frozen Ice Play

Frozen games

  • pin the nose on Olaf
  • magical bubbles
  • marshmallow pick up (pick up as many marshmallows as possible with chopsticks within one minute)
  • Frozen scavenger hunt
  • piñata
  • pass the parcel
  • Grab a pretty frame from the store, remove the back and it becomes a fun picture prop
  • frozen statues (encourage kids to dance to the music, and when the music stops, they must freeze like an ice sculpture)

Frozen party ideas - game ideas

Frozen party ideas - frame as a picture prop

Frozen cake

  • When it’s time for birthday cake, a Frozen party is the perfect time to break out the ice-cream cake! Alternatively, simply decorating a vanilla cake with Frozen figurines or cake toppers works a treat. 

Frozen party ideas - cake idea

Party favor

All parties must come to an end, so don’t forget the loot bags to distribute at the conclusion of the celebrations. A few treats such as blue and white lollipops, and foil wrapped chocolate hearts and stars, placed in a cellophane bag and tied up with ribbon will guarantee smiles on departure.

Happy party planning!

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