Parent Hack – Sending Sunscreen in the School Bag

Here’s a little hack I discovered worked very well when I need to send sunscreen to school with my kids (for sport, outdoor activities and excursions). I have purchased little clip on bottles before but I find the lid gets bumped open and it goes everywhere. I’ve also tried roll on sunscreen. These are good too, however they are expensive and I find that the kids don’t end up putting enough sunscreen on this way.  Instead, I saved a little makeup jar (think eye cream, moisturiser, concealer pots) and anytime I need to send sunscreen to school with my children, I just fill it up and the screw on lid is perfect! No spills! I do pop it in a ziplock bag, just in case. Works really well. 

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    Nigel William
    October 22, 2017 at 11:40 am

    Hey, Kelly, Great tip, it is important for kids to be sun smart to avoid issues later in life. Thanks for sharing this tip.

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