Getting Organised for School 2018: Officeworks makes it easy with its School List Service

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Next year will be full of lasts for me. My eldest daughter will be in grade 12 and I can’t believe how fast the years have flown by. It’s a happy thing…and just a bit sad too. This week, I gathered the children’s school lists together and it occurred to me that this will be my 12th back to school shop.

In the past, I have fulfilled the lists in two different ways. Going with the default list is easy, but it always costs more. I have also attempted to do it myself, and it has always been a DISASTER. An absolute disaster! Trying to manage four separate school supply lists can be quite stressful. So I was stoked I was to hear about the free School List Service available at Officeworks.

This year, instead of running around trying to do it myself to save money, all I did was upload all four lists to the Officeworks website– I didn’t even need to leave the house. There is also the option to drop the lists off to the nearest Officeworks store.

Officeworks School List Service

Officeworks School List Service

The online service was a quick and easy process. I simply crossed out any items I didn’t need on the list, snapped a picture on my iPhone and uploaded the picture online with relevant personal details.

Officeworks School List Service

I like how the system allows you to specify colour and quality preference too, depending on your budget and child’s preferences. The last step in the process is to pick a date to collect the items in-store. Once the order is placed, items are picked, packed and ready to go within 48 hours.

Officeworks School List Service

Next thing, I received a SMS notification that my items were ready for collection from my nominated store and my four boxes were waiting for me when I dropped by. I did the math and worked out I saved $54.65 by doing it this way. Plus I saved time (and my sanity) too because I didn’t have to do it all myself. Best of both worlds.

To find out more about the School List Service, head over to the website here: Officeworks School List Service

Officeworks School List Service


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