Colour Palette Wardrobe Inspiration


It can be helpful to give a little splash to your wardrobe each season to extend what you already have. I usually do this in steps.

1. Cull

Each season I do a quick cull by looking through the items I have, and giving away clothes I don’t wear or don’t fit. Be ruthless.

2. Choose a Season Highlight Colour

Classic fashion pieces in neutral colours like beige, navy, black and white are always useful.  Plus I have a lot of red, because I like wearing red. Then, to inject some personality and freshness, I decide on a highlight colour. A couple of years ago it was coral (as pictured below). Deciding on a highlight colour gives direction to my wardrobe which then makes it easy to dress and find complimentary items to wear.  Last season I went with aqua. I really need to update my wardrobe again this year, and I want to focus on more of a monochrome theme and the online shop that is fabulous for finding great clothes and inspiration is Birdsnest.

coral colours

3. Inspiration

Inspiration helps me to think outside the box so I can maximise my wardrobe.  For me, colour (or tones) is the ultimate inspiration and I often browse and search a fabulous website called Design-Seeds for different colour palettes to help me match the items and accessories already in my wardrobe with my new clothes.   I’ll show further below how this works (with last season’s mix).

4. Sort

It’s useful to sort and examine my wardrobe (including shoes, belts, bags, jewellery & other accessories) so I can test different items together.  The best way to do this is spread clothes all over the bed and just start putting items together.

spring wardrobe

5. Organise

Pulling everything out gives me a visual of my wardrobe and what combinations work.  It’s amazing how much you can mix and match pieces and accessories when you invest a little concentrated time.  Then, I organise it all in my wardrobe, by hanging tops together, then shorts/skirts, then dresses.  I hang jewellery on a railing inside the wardrobe (as pictured in this post).

Taking the time each season (takes about an hour) to think about my wardrobe makes dressing stylishly FAST and enjoyable.  Below are picture of how it came together last season: new clothes + colour inspiration + existing wardrobe.

Outfit one – Beachy

big w emerson -- aqua shorts

design seeds pink

Outfit Two – Classic

big w emerson -- white shirt

design seeds red aqua and white

Outfit Three – A Bit Fancy

peter morrissey dress for big w

design seeds black blue and yellow

Outfit Four – Smart Casual

big w emerson -- denim skirt

design seeds red navy beige

Outfit Five – A Little Cute & Quirky

big w emerson -- cardi

design seeds purple pink green

Outfit Six – Floral

big w peter morrissey

design seeds green

Outfit Seven – Everyday Glamour

big w fashion - emerson dressdesign seeds red blue pink

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