Juggling a lot of stuff and making it work

On my trip to Israel, I heard the phrase, “Wai, wai, wai” often (pronounced why-why-why) . Always three times; it was never just, “Wai”. From my understanding, it’s like saying, “Wow!” It can be used in frustration — for example, if someone cuts you off in traffic — or in wonder — if you see a friend’s fancy new Porsche drive by (none of my friends have a fancy new Porsche).  This woman I met is the latter. Wai, wai, wai. Wow. Just wow.

Hila Korach - Israel

He name is Hila Korach and she’s quite famous here in Israel. She’s witty, and smart, and beautiful, plus she adores the Australian accent. Hila is a mother of two, journalist, columnist, radio host, television presenter and…medical student. She’s now in her last year in her quest to become a doctor. I asked her how she juggles it all because I’m interested in how women do what they do. 

Before she told me the secret, she explained that it was her husband who encouraged her to return to university to study medicine. The pair were in the car at the time (where great chats often happen) and while discussing the future, her husband raised her desire to study medicine. He told her to just do it. And so she did.

She’ up early for her shows, finishes about 9am, and then goes straight to university. Hila said it is certainly a challenge juggling studying and parenting. I resonate, having gone back to study myself. Hila said the secret is this: the more you do, the more time you have. It seems an oxymoron, but it’s not — and I knew exactly what she meant. See, it’s not about busyness for busyness sake, it’s about choosing to invest in things you value and making it work because it’s worth it.  I love the striving in it. I learned early on in parenting that you must make time for things that are important, and find creative ways to make it work. 

Hila Korach - Israel

I was invited to Israel by not-for-profit organisation, Vibe Israel to share my experiences of the country. All opinions and story ideas are my own. Images by Sharni Sadicario. Read more posts from Israel here.

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