Ocean/Island Printable Play Mat

Sometimes, it pays to add something a little different to stimulate play. These ocean play mats can be used for travel, or as a base for all kinds of play. For example:


Laminate the sheet (or just use as they are) and make a starfish, whale, shark, palm tree, anything!

Lego Base

If your child has a Lego set that would work with an ocean, it can be used as a base for their set. 

Ocean-Paper-Mat - a base for play


So easy! Just print out an ocean play mat, throw in a few boats/figures and put them in a container.

Lego Travel Set

Ocean Travel Mat Versions

I have three ocean travel mat versions, and to access the PDF file, simply click on the image you want.

Ocean Play Mat

Ocean Play Mat - Island

Ocean Play Mat

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