Gorgeous Personalised Resin Letters

Personalised Resin Letter with Roses

I enjoy finding beautiful things made here in Australia. Take a look at these gorgeous personalised resin letters made by Nancy from Artiga & Prest.  A sweet addition to your little one’s bedroom décor, and a gorgeous gift idea too. Nancy made a Rose Petal “J” for my daughter. She loves it.

Letters can be attached to a wall, door, canvas, or if you prefer, it comes with a screw in stand to be used on a shelf.  Get one for the first letter of your child’s name, or get enough letters to spell out a name completely. Prices start from $26.95.

Decorative Resin Letters


Each letter measures approximately 5 inchs tall (12.5cm) with the width size depending on the letter. This is the Letter J in my hand.

Decorative Resin Letters - size

Decorative Resin Letters - size


There are currently 7 different letter styles available.

Decorative Resin Letters

L to R: Pink Quartz & Amethyst Crystals | Lavender Glitter | Rose Floral | Aqua Glitter | Royal Blue Glitter | Gold Glitter

Plus, there’s a new release in floral: Peony Petals


It is obvious a lot of care and detail goes into packaging items. Letters are fastened on a board, and then wrapped in tissue paper for protection. The letter comes in a box to size which makes it easy to gift wrap.


What I love most about resin is that it captures materials so beautifully. Just take a look at the clarity and how the resin holds the beautiful petals so it appears like they are floating. Just note that resin takes a few weeks to cure, so you need to allow time for these personalised items to be created. Absolutely gorgeous gift idea.

Decorative Resin Letters

Decorative Resin Letters

Decorative Resin Letters

Below is a video if you want to see the letter up close.

Head over to Artiga & Prest Home for more details.

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