Nail wraps – do they work?

Nail wraps - do they work?

I want to say on the outset, that I’m not affiliated with Jamberry or other nail wrap brands. I purchased a kit to support a friend a while ago, and thought I would do a review of my experience. I’ll note here too that I would not put an order with Jamberry at the moment because there is news that orders are not being processed and the company is going into administration. However, you can get nail wraps at various places, like Priceline and Horton Nails (a Gold Coast company).

Personally for myself, I’m not a big fan of nail wraps, as I don’t feel I can get the finish as neat as a professional nail coat. However, they do come in cute designs, and I think they are really fun for kids. PLUS, they really do stay on well! I was surprised actually. One school holidays, I did nail wraps on my kids and they loved it. 

What you need

  • Nail wraps
  • Nail file (plus a cuticle pusher is helpful, but not essential)
  • Heat source (like a hairdryer)
  • Scissors 

Nail wraps - do they work?

I also tried nail wraps on my sister, and again, she found that they stayed on for well over a week.

Nail wraps - do they work?


Each nail wrap brand will have their own instructions, but they tend to work similar. I did a little video the last time I used Jamberry nails on the kids and you can find it below. It’s a bit fiddly, but not difficult.

  1. Measure the nail wrap to best fit the nail. It should be slightly narrower than the width of the nail.
  2. Cut around the nail wrap. Don’t worry too much about the height at this point (you’ll file that later).
  3. Using a toothpick/cuticle pusher (best practice) or your nail (what I do), remove the backing from the nail wrap.
  4. Hold it up near a heat source for about 10 seconds.
  5. Then line up and press down on the nail.
  6. Smooth the edges with a toothpick/cuticle pusher (or your fingernails).
  7. Take the nail file and file off the over lap at the top of the nail until the excess falls off.

As I mentioned, personally, I’m not a big fan or doing nail wraps on myself, but I was surprised how well they worked and they are a fun school holiday idea for kids.

Nail wraps - do they work?

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