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This month, I was featured in the Craft Business Magazine (August 2018) as part of their top paper craft influences. You can download the current edition here.

Craft Business Magazine August 2018 Kelly Burstow - Be A Fun Mum

Below you will find my answers to the questions from UK journalist, Angela Sara West.

When did you first discover your passion for papercraft and what do you love most about the craft?

I love the feel of paper in my hands, the textures and colours. When I was a teenager, I collected lettering paper in a folder. So I guess you could say that I developed a love for paper early. Later, when I had young children, I got into the scrapbooking scene, and would spend hours crafting and styling pages. As my children grew, I realised I always had paper around the place, and it’s useful for so many fun activities to keep kids engaged and occupied. My love for paper has grown over the years, and I realise its versatility and availability is what draws me most.


Scrapbooking when my eldest daughter was just a bub. She’s now 17!

Can you describe your style in three words? 

Fun, colourful, easy.

Toilet Roll Cars

Find the printable to turn a toilet roll into a car here

What are you busy making at the moment?

I have returned to study at the moment and have less time for creations, however I have started a Bullet Journal which allows for both creativity and organisation. When you love paper, you always find ways to include it in your life.

What inspires you? Are you influenced by other papercrafters? If so, who? Any go-to craft shops, favourite trade fairs etc.?   

I love intricate paper cut out work because it’s beyond my own skill. I follow illustrator Kathleen Jennings, and she does beautiful cut-paper silhouettes.

How does it feel to be a papercraft influencer? How does it feel to be awarded for your blog? 

I think what is wonderful about paper is how readily available it is. It’s a versatile material that can be used and shaped in many ways, and as a parent, it has become an important tool for stimulating my children’s creativity. I’m excited this value is recognised.

Paper Popsicles ice cream- printable

Paper popsicles for imaginative play

Mini cardboard books

Little book as part of our mini paper library

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table

Using paper to create a child-friendly Christmas table set up

What’s the secret to your success? What gives you the edge over your competitors and makes you stand out from similar offerings?

I think for my audience, it’s about the simplicity of the paper crafts and utilising recycled materials you already have at home. Inspirational paper craft is just amazing, however what I aim to do is make it achievable with a focus on creativity.

How to make a box castle

Make a castle out of a box

Any papercraft trends you’re currently enjoying? Anything you’re itching to try?

I adore paper lanterns, and would enjoy giving them a try.

What would be your top tip for beginners / taking papercraft skills to the next level? Any crafty confessions? 

Just start, don’t focus on perfection and learn along the way. Find ways to include your passions in your projects. For example, I love home decorating, but as we currently rent, this is limited for me. So instead, my daughter and I designed a paper and cardboard dollhouse and deigned four different rooms. It was a fun project.

make your own dollhouse

Decorating a box dollhouse with paper

What would be the main message you would like to get across to papercrafters?

The simplicity of paper is its greatest beauty.

Washi Tape Christmas Decorations

Simple paper Christmas decorations

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