Brolly Bed Pads — For Toilet Training

All my kids are toilet trained now — day and night. Phew, so glad that part of my life is done! I think what makes toilet training, particularly at night, so challenging is getting up and having to change the bedding. By the time the job is done and you get the child back all settled, you’re so awake and it can be hard to get back to sleep. So if you’re still going through this stage, I feel for you!

I recently came across family-owned company Brolly Sheets, who sell a wide range of fantastic products that will help you SO MUCH in this department. The Brolly Sheets company began as one parent’s quest to find an easy way to change bedding during the night. Their website has a wide variety of products, and I am featuring two products here, the Bed Pad and the Brolly Sheet.

We put the product to the test and our mum reviewer said it was excellent. There are three main things that makes the products to valuable to families.

  1. The fabric is not plasticly. The top layer is 100% cotton, so it’s comfortable to sleep on.
  2. The design makes it easy to change the bedding. 
  3. The products come in cute designs and colours kids (and parents) will appreciate.

The Brolly Sheet

The Brolly Sheet is essentially a Bed Pad with wings, so you can tuck it in like you would a sheet. I think this is brilliant, and WISH they had them when my children were little. I used to have a waterproof sheet under the bottom sheet, and changing the bedding was a NIGHTMARE! With the Brolly Sheet, it only takes a few seconds to replace. Simply make the bed as usual, and then place the Brolly Sheet on top of the bottom sheet and tuck in the wings. The sheet can hold up to 2 litres! So it will keep the under bedding dry. You can see the various designs and styles here.

Bedwetting products

Bed Pad

The Bed Pad is similar to the Brolly Sheet, except it doesn’t have the wings to tuck in. This makes it a good option for occasional bed wetters, and also for travel, and even pets (to put on the couch). You can find the full colour/design range here

Bedwetting products

Brolly Sheets are so confident in their product, there’s a 12 month money-back guarantee, so you can’t go wrong. Check out the wide range over on their website: Brolly Sheets. Highly recommend. 

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  • Reply
    Louie Hubbard
    October 4, 2018 at 7:56 pm

    These are different types of bed pads that are very adorable since it comes with its different colors as well.

  • Reply
    Nancy Lee
    December 17, 2019 at 4:39 am

    Kelly, These are a great choice of bed defender that is useful when having children and older folks at home. I already set this type of bed pads in my kid’s bed. It’s really helpful and releases me from the extra hassle. BTW do I use these bed pads for the seniors too? Seems my grandpa needs this type of pads as she is old enough and needs some extra care.

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