Purse First Aid Kit

I’m kind of obsessed with little kits for everything in my life. Like my Travel First Aid Kit, Camping Kit, Homework Kit and School Holiday Fun Kit. I like refining micro systems that make it easy for me to do things quickly and efficiently. I also have a mini first aid kit for my purse. Over the 17 years of parenting, I have found that I only need a few essential items for my bag.

Handbag First Aid Essentials

I like to keep things minimal in my handbag, and these items can fit in a tiny container, or even a coin purse or something like that.  

  • Plasters – variety of sizes/types (I have Nexcare waterproof & heavy duty varieties
  • Pain medication – plus antihistamine
  • Tea tree oil – brilliant for cleaning scrapes and also for bites
  • Cotton pads – just a few to help with cleaning
  • Lip Balm – always need lip balm, good for rough skin on knees and elbows too
  • Nail clippers – when children pay sport, it’s handy to have these with you (so many times I’ve had to do this on the run!)

Purse First Aid Kit

First aid kit for your purse

Purse First Aid Kit

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