Paddle Pop Stick Nativity Ornament

This Paddle Pop Stick Nativity Ornament is an easy DIY decoration you can make with the kids. 

Nativity Ornament

Every Christmas, I change the colour scheme on our tree. I also interchange between a silver tree and dark green pine tree.

I do love a Scandi inspired Christmas décor scheme, with white and timber, but I always seem to revert to a bright colour scheme each year.

For something different to break up the colour, I thought a timber nativity ornament would be ideal. Instead of finding what I was looking for at the shops, I decided to make one. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Nativity Ornament Instructions

It’s a rustic decoration and looks quite effective. I left Mary and Joseph out as I thought they would get lost in the verticalness of the backdrop. But you can add them. I chose not to, creating a simple manger instead.

When making this craft, I used a hot glue gun to ensure each paddle pop stick stuck well. To make it more friendly for younger children, PVA Glue could work too.

Sharp scissors will also be needed to cut the sticks to create the star and manger. I used fabric scissors that were made blunt from a previous craft project.

Once the nativity scene is glued together, tie some twine through the roof, and hang it on the tree.


Natitivity Ornament Materials

  • Paddle Pop Sticks (approx. 18)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Twine


The following images show step by step how to make the nativity ornament. 

1. Line 11 paddle pop sticks together in a row. Use another paddle pop stick to keep them level.

Nativity Ornament Instructions

2. Add the two paddle pop sticks to brace the base.

Nativity Ornament Instructions

3. Add the roof

Nativity Ornament Instructions

4. Make the star by cutting a paddle pop stick in thirds.

Nativity Ornament Instructions

5. Add the star.

Nativity Ornament Instructions

6. Cut a paddle pop stick in thirds to create the manger and baby. 

Nativity Ornament Instructions

7. Put twine through the top near the star so you can hang your decoration. When it comes time to glue each piece together, be quick with the hot glue gun as it can dry quickly. Poor baby Jesus is sitting upright in the manger due to placing glue at the wrong angle. 

Nativity Ornament Instructions

8. Your ornament is ready to hang on the tree… or on a hook. 

Nativity Ornament Instructions

Nativity Ornament Instructions

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    September 11, 2021 at 9:42 pm

    What a cute idea… Mrs. Margaret here is a tip: Please use rubber gloves when you paint. Sometimes it gets stuck on your hands and it takes hours to get the paint off. I hope your not too offended of my suggestion….Happy crafting.

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