Christmas Decorations from Around the World

I love Christmas! We recently put up our Christmas tree. I know it’s early, but as soon as Christmas is done, it goes down immediately. Each year when I take out the decorations, I enjoy the memories associated with them. We have many homemade decorations, along with a variety of store bought. It’s a bit of a mix-match and I love that.

When do you put up the Christmas Tree

Through my travels over the last 5 or 6 years, I have been collecting different Christmas decorations from places I visit around the world. It’s become a thing now for my sisters and I; when we visit another country, we bring back a decoration for each other if we can find one. Even if there is not a dedicated Christmas decoration, I find there is often little hanging decorations that can be used as a Christmas decoration.


My favourite decoration is this gorgeous angel from Lesotho in Africa

Christmas Decoration from Lesotho

Christmas Decoration from Lesotho


I found these lovely decoration in Laos.

Christmas Decoration from Laos

Christmas Decoration from Laos


I purchased this gorgeous Bethlehem Star when I visited the State of Palestine. I ducked over to Jordan and Bethlehem one day after my trip to Israel

Christmas Decoration from Israel

Papua New Guinea

I spent a few years growing up in Papua New Guinea. I went back with my family earlier this year and purchased this lovely peacock decoration made from kerosene wood. 

Christmas Decoration from PNG



Found these cute Disney Princess key rings when I was at Disneyland Tokyo and bough one for myself and each of my sisters. 

Christmas Decoration from  Japan


My daughter visited China with my sister, and they brought back this lovely decoration. 

Christmas Decoration from China

New Caledonia 

My daughter recently went on a school trip to New Caledonia. She bought gifts for everyone in our family. For me, she mentioned to me that she remembered how much I love collecting decorations from around the world, so found something from New Caledonia for us to hang on the tree. So thoughtful. 

Christmas Decoration from New Caledonia

New Zealand

Our family spent a year in New Zealand, and this cute kiwi bird decoration came back with us. 

Christmas Decoration from New Zealand

Later in 2018, our daughter, my husband and I went to New Zealand to do the Otago Cycle Trail to celebrate the end of year 12 and we found this gorgeous decoration.


I recently went to Bali to celebrate my 40th birthday (in 2019) with a few friends and I used up my leftover cash at the end of the trip to buy a few decorations for the tree (they are actually keyrings but they work well for decorations).


My daughter went on a school trip to France (2019) and when she asked me what I would like as a gift, I said to look out for tree decorations. She was travelling in October, so I wasn’t sure if there were any around but look what she found! How adorable are they!

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