Marshmallow Snowmen on a Stick

Do you ever dream of having a white Christmas? My girls do and one day in the future, I’m sure we will make that a reality. But for now, Christmas in Australia will do and we can still dream of snow while singing our favourite Christmas carols with the air conditioner cranked on high. 

Of course, the reason my girls want a White Christmas is so they can make a snowman. Imagine their delight when I told them we could make our own snowmen without snow?

These Marshmallow Snowmen on a stick (well, they’re actually a skewer) are fun and easy to make. My girls had a ball making their snowman and then eating  their creation once complete. This easy food craft is one you could make for an end of year craft activity with kids. Just make sure the air con is on as the Reese’s Peanut Cups can go soft in our warm weather. For kids that are allergic to peanuts, use Rolo or Cadbury Cups. 

marshmallow snowmen on a stick

What You’ll Need

  • Marshmallows
  • Edible pens (available from the baking section at Woolworths)
  • Rainbow strip lollies
  • Reese’s Miniature Cups
  • Skewers
  • Scissors and a plate (not pictured)

marshmallow snowman ingredients


Draw a face and buttons on the four marshmallows.

marshmallow snowman

draw marshmallow men

Thread the three marshmallows with buttons onto the skewer. 

Marshmallow snowman

Cut the rainbow lolly strip so you are left with the green and red to make the scarf. Fold this in half and thread it onto the skewer.

marshmallow snowman

marshmallow snowman

Thread the head of the marshmallow on.

marshmallow snowman

Finish with the Reese’s cup to make a hat for your marshmallow snowman.

Marshmallow snowman

My girls loved making these. Of course, the two youngest had to have pink snowmen. 

Marshmallow snowman

Marshmallow snowman

These are a delight and would be ideal for a ‘bring a plate to share’ event. Everyone will be impressed with your creativity. 

Marshmallow snowman

Marshmallow Snowman

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    November 13, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I think even my 2-year-olds could help out with these. (If they don’t eat all the marshmallows of course.) Maybe we could leave some out for Santa!

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