Perfect Shoes for Young Kids from Wildchase + Giveaway

shoes for young kids
If you’re looking for THE CUTEST SHOES for your young kids, take a look at  Wildchase. All my kids are older now, and I just WISH these shoes were around when they were little. They are designed beautifully with young children in mind, but oh-so-stylish too. I met the designer and owner when I was at an expo in Toowoomba, and we got chatting. They do many different sweet colours and styles, from boho sandals and print boots, to moccasins and sneakers. Look at this cute black and white shoe that caught my eye at their expo stand (they are called Dotted Mohair Bow Moccasins). 

Perfect Shoes for Little Ones - leather

See how the back is so soft and flexible but sturdy too?

cute and trendy shoes for kids

It is important for toddlers to have the opportunity to go barefoot as much possible, but you do need shoes to protect them from sharp objects too. Parent Hub suggests the “best shoes for toddlers are soft and flexible to make room for natural movement of their feet, which helps kids strengthen their foot muscles and develop a normal gait”. That is why Wildchase shoes are so great for this age group. 

About Wildchase

Wildchase’s 100% genuine footwear is carefully designed and crafted with care. Shoes are durable yet stylish shoes for your little one. The soft leather soles are perfect for new walkers as it allows your child’s foot to mould to the shoe naturally. This makes it easier to put on and remove. The breathable genuine leather is suitable for all seasons as the soft sole gives that barefoot feeling. For the older ones, Wildchase now have hard sole sandals which provide a stable sole for children’s growing feet.

Tip for Sizing

I find it helpful to get your child to stand on a piece of paper and mark where their foot starts and ends. Then measure how long their foot is and pick the size according to this sizing guide. It is best to pick a size that is at least 1 to 1.5 cm bigger than the length of your child’s feet to allow room to grow.

Kerry from Piper Sienna snapped her daughter wearing the The Sweetheart Collection – 100% Leather – Grey & White.

wildchase shoes


Thanks to Wildchase, I have two pairs of shoes to giveaway. Just click here to see how to enter. 

Check out Wildchase on Instagram, Facebook and their website

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