Spidentify App – Identifying Spiders in Australia

When you live in Australia, spiders are just part of life. About six months ago, I was introduced to the Spidentify App (available on Google Play and App Store) and our family has been using it ever since. Essentially, Spidentify is a tool that can help you identify spiders in Australia using a database of over 250 species. These types of apps make you notice and appreciate the little bugs around you.

How we use it

  1. When we see a spider, we take a picture on the phone (if we can).
  2. Then we use the app and go through the questions, referring back to the image for reference. I’ve provided an example of this process below. 
  3. Once the questions are complete, the app shortlists spider types and you can search through them to find your spider. We’ve had a 100% success rate!

There are nine questions. So for example, we saw this interest spider at our place.

  • First, you pick location.
  • Then the environment where you found it
  • Choose outdoors or indoors and it will prompt you to be more specific about the area
  • Pick the body shape (we find referring back to the image helpful). Don’t stress too much about getting the right one, because we have found going with what you think works well.
  • Then the leg shape. Again, don’t stress too much if you’re not sure (there are ‘unsure’ options too)
  • Add the colour/s
  • Patterns
  • Features you may notice (I put unsure for this option)
  • Then any behaviour noticed (again, I put unsure)
  • It will then deliver some results for you to scroll through


identifying spiders in Australia Queensland

We have found our spider in the list every time we have done this. When you have found your spider, it will provide further information. So interesting! Just a note, sometimes the male and female varieties can look quite different (so check both of them). In this case, the male corresponded with her spider. 

identifying spiders in Australia Queensland

Here’s another example. 

If you have a bug lover in your family, they will appreciate this app. I too, have found it fascinating, and it’s made me appreciate the little details. It’s good to stop and notice these things. Find out more details here  Spidentify App.

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    This app looks awesome, my kids will love it

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