St John Ambulance Victoria Launches First Aid App For Kids

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. That’s why having First Aid knowledge is important as it helps one know how to respond and manage the situation and those injured.

But how do our kids learn what to do when faced with an emergency?

While we can teach our kids basic information about who to call, arming them with basic information can help them keep calm if faced with a situation. St John Ambulance Victoria have launched a new First Aid Action Hero app, which has been specifically designed for primary school aged children. The app has also been endorsed by an accredited First Aid training organisation.

The app is the first Australian produced First Aid Training app, which took 18 months to develop and was user-tested with children to ensure it would educate and engage the target audience.

Gordon Botwright, CEO of St John Ambulance Victoria, advised the app was created to complement the First Aid in Schools Program which is conducted in schools in Victoria. It was also designed to reach beyond those kids within the school program, so that kids Australia wide could learn basic First Aid in a fun and easy way.

I tested the app with my primary aged girls (8 and 5) who loved the interactive experience provided through the app.

First Aid App for Kids

My girls were able to learn what to do when faced with an emergency by using DRSABCD.

First aid app for kids

The app gave my girls an insight into how to help in an emergency, how to identify dangers and asses the patient.

first aid app for kids

The app is not a substitute for First Aid training, but gives children the confidence to know:

• How to assess the situation
• How to assist the patient who may be sick, injured or hurt
• What number to call for an ambulance
• And actions to take while the paramedics arrive

The First Aid Action Hero app also includes captions to cater to children who are hearing impaired.

This app is a great tool for kids to engage with, while learning important steps if ever faced with a dangerous situation or emergency.

The First Aid Action Hero app is free and available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on smart phones and tablets via iTunes.  

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