Shampoo for Oily Hair (good for teens too)


I’ve had oily hair since I was a teen. They say you outgrow it, but no, not me. Still have an oily scalp. But, maybe there is a silver lining! Back in 2011, I interviewed Australian celebrity hairstylist, Barney Martin, and I mentioned my oily scalp, and he explain that is why I looked so young for my age (haha!) because oily skin is like, natural anti-aging or something. Don’t know how scientifically accurate that is, but look, I’ll take it. 

Although my hair is not as oily as when I was a teen, it’s still a challenge and I have never found a shampoo that works for me…until now. Anything I have tried labelled “for oily hair” has not been effective in the long term. I had all but given up on finding good shampoo, but I recently started my hunt once again because I have three teenagers in the house (on my!) — two of them with oily hair.

I remember just how frustrating it was when I was an awkward teen with greasy hair — I hated it. When I say greasy, I would absolutely HAVE to wash it everyday, and by the end of each day my hair was plastered to my scalp in a slick mess. And yes, I’ve been told SOOO many times that the reason why I had oily hair is because I washed it too much, but I tried the no-washing thing too. Some people just have oilier skin. It really resonates when your child is going through something you also struggled with — and so I started looking again for something that may help. 

I found this shampoo at Priceline and gave it a go, and I tell you, it’s has been a GAME CHANGER. The brand is A’kin and the specific shampoo type is the Lemon Grass & Juniper purifying shampoo. It comes in a big pump 500ml bottle (pictured) which I love because it’s so convenient, and also a smaller 225ml bottle. The natural-based shampoo contains no parabens, no sulphates and is silicone free.

Unlike many other sulphate free shampoos, I find this one lathers really well.  For my teens, it has been brilliant too and helps extend the time between washes without drying the hair out. Just to give you an indication on the impact, we recently went away for the weekend and my daughter was desperate for me to pack the shampoo (even though the hotel we were going would have some) because it makes such a big difference to her. 

I noticed on the bottle when I bought it this message:

First time to natural?

Give us time! It may take up to 4 weeks for your hair to adjust to the change and to start seeing the amazing benefits natural haircare can bring. 

I didn’t notice any major issues with the transition personally (neither did my daughters), however my hair may be a little more wirey (if that makes sense). I think the main reason is the shampoo doesn’t have that silicone that coats the hair (which apparently is not good long term for hair). I do think unless you have really oily hair, it may be drying (but they have different shampoos for different hair types). 

I don’t use conditioner in my hair (there is a complimentary conditioner in the range), however I do use just a little argan oil, just a few drops on the ends of my hair, or to smooth it out if I am going to use the hair straightener. The Davroe Hair Wellness is good natural, Aussie, vegan brand. 

good shampoo for oily hair teens1

As I mentioned, my hair is still oily, however these days, I only wash my hair every third day usually. In-between days, I still need to use a little dry shampoo at the roots. I’m using this Dove one at the moment, which you can get from places like Woolies. I’ve tried a lot of different dry shampoos (usually just get the one on special), and find they are all pretty similar. If anyone has any recommendations for an amazing brand, I’d love to try it. 

dry shampoo good for oily hair

The other thing worth mentioning for oily hair is the cut of the hair. For the past…I think 6 years or so, I’ve kept my hair more of a mid-length. I used to keep it long, but found it hard to style, and the weight seemed to make my oily hair worse. My amazing hairdresser — Monique O’Rourke — knows how to cut my hair to my head shape and lifestyle. Here’s a snapshot of some of my hair cuts from the 6 years.  Having it a little shorter allows for more body in the hair and so it sits less flat on the head. 

I’ve been looking for a good shampoo for my hair for over 25 years! Finally! Just wanted to share that with anyone else who may have an oily scalp or have teens who struggle with the same thing. 

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