Why my bag isn’t a mess anymore

It’s strange to think 2012 was seven years ago. I was looking back through old blog posts and I found the one when I cleaned out my handbag. I was actually writing about a product I had discovered to assist with handbag organisation. Below are some pictures from the 2012 blog post.

organising my handbag

borne naked hand bag organisation
before and after -- organising my handbag
before and after- organising my handbag

It’s interesting, because these days, I don’t seem to accumulate so much junk in my hand bag. Indeed, I often only go out with the small Sak wallet/bag I got for my birthday.

The Sak Phone Wallet

Striving to be more minimal has helped, for sure. BUT the main reason why I am able to be more minimal: the kids are getting older and I don’t need to take the entire house in my handbag anymore! These days, I pretty much take what I actually need personally, and if the kids come with me, they just look after themselves. Whoo hoo! It actually does happen. 

Although I don’t need a handbag organiser anymore, I still use the Borne Naked handbag organisers often. Especially for travel. They are the best cosmetic organisers I have found. Re-reading the 2012 post reminded me of them, and I really could use some more. So I looked for them again and it looks like the company that made them is not active anymore, which is a shame!

organising handbag liners from borne naked

I have been looking for a similar product, and while there are a lot of clear make up bag organisers available, I can’t seem to find anything with the features I want:

  • Zip closure (at the very top, not at the side)
  • Completely clear outer 
  • Mesh/Clear sections
  • Different size options
  • Wide enough but not too wide (many of the organisers either are like a clear pencil case, concertina-like that expands or like a cube, and I want something in the middle. 

The closest I have found is this clear cosmetic bag from Organised Beauty Co. However I prefer the zip to open directly from the top rather than having to zip around to open like this one.

This one from Etoile has the opening at the top but it doesn’t have any sections inside. 

I also think this trio set from BIG W is useful for travel, however not exactly what I’m looking for.

clear cosmetic case for travel

I spent a good time looking and I couldn’t find a equivalent to the Borne Naked bags I love. I know it’s a bit silly, but I’ve used and loved my clear bags for the past 7 years and I’m disappointed the company has gone out of business. They were an Aussie small business that made a great product. 

BUT, on the upside, also on my Internet travels (as internet travels often go) I found a different clear bag I really like. It’s a handbag rather than an organiser, but it kind of acts like an organiser because you can put a few wallets inside and they look really cute. It’s by Lam Gallery (available on Amazon) and there’s something rather glamorous about the bags. I originally found these bags from this YouTube review if you’re interested in what they look like in use. I might put one on my birthday wish-list this year. 

lam gallery bags

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