Baby Secrets and Best Furry Friends – Toy Review

I’m always on the lookout for cute toys that can be included as an extra gift with Easter eggs, stocking fillers or simply included with a Birthday present to add an element of fun to a practical gift. Baby Secrets and Best Furry Friends fit in that category of something ‘extra’ and are made by Headstart. They are available from Big W and some of the individual toys can be found in the toy aisle at Woolworths. I was sent a number of toys to review from the Baby Secrets and Best Furry Friends range.

Baby Secrets and Best Furry Friends

Baby Secrets

The concept

These cute babies have a secret for you to discover in the Baby Secrets Series 3 Mystery Tubs and Merbaby Shells!

The babies in the mystery tubs will have their diaper change colour to reveal their gender. There are 50 new babies to collect. Once the gender is revealed, the baby can be named on the birth certificate.

The Merbabies are a lot of fun. You can twist their bodies so they twirl and swim in the water. The Merbabies’ tail will also change colour revealing their gender. A birth certificate comes included in the shell. The pearl holds accessories for decorating the shell and Merbaby. There are 24 Merbabies to collect.

Product Features

• Collect all 50 Baby Secrets Series 3 Mystery Tub Babies and 24 Merbabies
• Diapers and Tails change colour in the water to reveal gender
• Each baby comes with a birth certificate
• Merbabies comes with a clam shell and accessories for the baby and decorating the inner shell
• Suitable for ages 4 and up

These are the Baby Secrets we received. We received two girls and one boy!

Baby Secrets

Baby Secrets Diaper Change

And here are the Merbabies.

Merbabies in shell

Merbabies from Shell

merbabies on display

Merbabies Birth Certificate

Ideas for Play

My girls adore playing with their Baby Secrets and Merbabies in the bath. For the purpose of this review, I set up a tub of water for water play, but they have set their Baby Secrets in their bathroom, ready for bath play each night. The girls keep their Merbabies Shells in their bedroom, displayed on their bedside table.

Best Furry Friends

The concept

Get ready for some serious #SquadGoals with Series 2 of Best Furry Friends! With over 60 new BFFs and bags and three new Besties to collect, you can keep the squad growing!

Bff Pets

Now, your BFFs are bigger and furrier than ever! Add the Pat & Chat Plush BFFs to your #BFFSquad! Pat their heads and hear what they have to say- they are so chatty! Each Pat & Chat BFF comes in its very own handbag so that they can stay close to their bestie- you!

We were sent one doll (Kristin and Cuddles), with a deluxe set of Best Furry Friends, which can be placed in their own handbag. We were also sent three sets of mystery pets that come in their own kennel. These toys are the ones in the Woolworths or Big W aisle that always attract my girls. Anything that includes a surprise and something cute inside is guaranteed to be wanted and played with.

Kristin Bff Doll

Pets in Kennels

BFF Friends Play Pack

BFF Play Pack

As part of the review pack, we received two of the Mini Plush Pets in a Bag. We received Stardust the Pegacorn and Dash the Ginger Tabby Cat.

Plush BFF Pets

The bag certainly makes a cute accessory and easy for littles hands to hold. They are ideal for imaginative play like taking your pet to the grocery store or out for high tea. They are small enough to travel on holidays as a plush for your children to sleep with. 

Gifting ideas

These toys are affordable and fun. Here are some gifting ideas kids will love

  • Stocking filler
  • Easter gift add on (to break up the chocolate overload!)
  • A small toy that’s ideal for putting in your handbag when out and about
  • Holiday/check in bag activity/toy for play on the plane
  • Pass the parcel prize
  • Good behaviour prize
  • Splurge money toy (If you’ve read The Barefoot Investor, you’ll understand)
  • Party Favour idea (the BFF Kennels, Merbabies or Baby Secrets)
  • Birthday gift

The toys are ideal for children aged 4 to 9 years old. Some of the toys do have small parts and are advised for 5 + on their packaging. 

Favourite toy

The Merbabies and Kristin with her BFF Designer Pets and handbags have been played with the most. There has also been quite a taking to the plush pets too by my 8 year old. I have to admit, I think they are adorable and look great styled in a kid’s bedroom.

Pegacorn BFF Pet

For more information about Baby Secrets, check out their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

For more information about Best Furry Friends, check out their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

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