Decorate Your Own Calico Bag

There is a movement to reduce plastic bags in Australia. I’m all for this, and am trying to minimise plastic bags in our home also. If you’re looking for a crafty activity during the holidays, you can get the kids involved in this and they can create their own reusable bag for all kinds of things. 

Use for

  • Shopping bag
  • Library bag
  • Gift bag
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Playgroup activity
  • School fundraiser

Where to buy the bag

You can buy calico bags for many places. I bought mine a few years back from a company called Lopees ($3). You can also get them from places like Spotlight, discount & craft stores or online

kids activity - paint your own calico bagh

Other materials

You can use various materials, depending on the age of the child and what look you are going for. Examples include:

  • Fabric paint
  • Fabric pens (Sharpie do a fabric pen version, and you find other brands also at Officeworks)
  • Use paint brush, fingers, sponge or stencils 

Tip: Insert a sheet paper inside the bag before painting to ensure paint doesn’t seep through to the back.

design your own calico bags

Hang to dry. Your fun, bright, personalised bag is ready to use! 


Alternatives to Plastic Bags

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