Add Fun to Your Outfit With a Statement Earring

With my kids out of the inquisitive baby and toddler years, I have grown a collection of statement earrings. I used to be wary of wearing long earrings when my kids were little. I often resorted to wearing studs or no earrings at all during those early child rearing years, in fear of little hands ripping earrings from my earlobes. 

But now that they are in the pre-school and primary school years, I’ve acquired a few pairs of statement earrings to wear on rotation throughout my week. 

Statement Earrings bubble o Bill

It’s a simple way to add fun to your outfit and they are often an affordable accessory when budgets are tight and you want something new to wear. 

I have a variety of textures, colours, patterns and lengths to suit an array of outfits. 

Statement Earrings

My favourite places to buy statement earrings are from local businesses – where the earrings have been handmade. They are often available at markets, Etsy or online stores. I also buy statement jewellery from Gorman and Adorne. 

Tips on choosing Statement Earrings

I have a few tips when choosing a statement earring. 

  • Go bright or light when you have long dark hair – this is because the earrings will stand out against your hair. Black earrings can’t be seen on my ears when I have long dark hair. There needs to be more contrast.
  •  Consider the weight of your earring. Some clay earrings can be quite heavy on the ears.
  •  Tassel earrings can be trimmed to suit. If you’re not a fan of a tassel draping down your shoulders, trim the tassel to suit.
  •  Have a storage area to keep earring pairs together and avoid tassels getting knotted.
  • Can be a great gift for someone who is hard to buy for or has all the things.

Fun Statement Earrings

I gravitate towards statement earrings that are bright and fun. Here are some gorgeous statement earrings I’ve found online. I have purchased from these stores before and love the quality. 

statement earrings for everyday

1. Stranger Blings Cherry on Top Cupcake Earrings $32.00

cupcake statement earrings

2. Each to Own Fiesta Confettie Flora Hoops $37

confetti statement earrings

3. SFH Designs Rouge Red Flower Pom Pom Earrings $29.95

Red Statement Earrings

4. Empayah Jewellery Glitterati Unicorn Stud Earrings $18.00

unicorn stud earrings

5. Adorne Retro Shapes Resin Earrings $19.95

Adorne Retro Shapes statement Earrings

6. Stranger Blings Candy Dangles $24.00

candy dangle statement earrings

7. Oh Hey Lovely Aussie Koala Dangle Earrings $20

aussie koala statement earrings

8. Neon Cherry Confetti Studs $16.95

confetti statement earrings

9. Bee Twomey Bee Bally Drop Earrings in Hot Pink Tassels $55

statement earrings pink

10. Gorman Midnight Patch Earrings $59

Gorman Midnight Patch Earrings

11. Gorman Chain Reaction Earrings $29.50 (on sale)

Gorman statement earrings

12. Neon Cherry Leopard Dangle Pink Fizz Earrings $25.95

Leopard Dangle earrings

13. Miss Golly Gosh Large Cactus Fiesta Earrings $28.20 (on sale)

Cactus Earrings

14. Adorne Diamante Raffia Earrings $10 (on sale)

diamante earrings

15. Oscar and Matilda Fairy Bread Studs $25

Fairy Bread Earrings

16. Neon Cherry Eye on You Dangle Clip on Earrings $52.95

Neon Cherry Clip on

Statement Earring Storage

I have two ways to store my statement earrings. I purchased a jewellery hanger from Target a few years ago where I can hang my hooked statement earrings. You can see it in the background of this photo. 

Earring holder

For my stud statement earrings, I use a Bon Maxi Earring Holder.

bon maxie jewellery holder 

Do you have an addiction to statement earrings?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

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    Erika Brady
    October 17, 2019 at 7:10 am

    I like that you mention having a variety of textures, colours, and styles so you have something to wear any outfit. I’d imagine that it would also be a good idea to have at least a few neutral earrings, such as silver hoops or a diamond stud. This way, you can have something that will blend in with any outfit.

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