How to Make a Forky-Inspired Toy

how to make your own forky inspired character toy story

Toy Story 4 has hit the cinemas here in Australia. In it, we are introduced to a new character called Forky, which is a child-created “toy” that doesn’t think it really is a toy. 

Forky was made by the character Bonnie, from a spork. It is easy to create your own Forky-inspired toy at home. I didn’t have any sporks so used a plastic fork instead to create a Forky-inspired character. 

I purchased some extra supplies from Kmart (see below). I bought a selection of pipe cleaners, which included the red for Forky’s arms. I also bought nail stickers which had the rainbow sticker Forky has on his foot. 

Kmart Materials for Forky


  • Two Red Pipe Cleaners
  •  1 big and 1 small googley eyes
  •  Red Clay
  • Blue Clay
  • White Clay
  •  Thick Paddle Pop Stick
  •  Rainbow sticker
  •  Glue
  • Scissors (not pictured)


  • If you want to make this project simpler, use a permanent marker for the blue mouth and the red eyebrow
  • Instead of clay, Blu Tack can be used to attach the feet

Materials to Make FORKY


1. Bend the red pipe cleaner to creat the hands. You need to make two of these and then attach them to the middle of the Fork.

Forky Arms

Forky Arm

Forky Arm

Attached Forky Arms

2. Roll a piece of the red clay into a small sausage to make the eyebrows (only need a small amount and beware, the colour does run!). Press on to the fork. I didn’t glue this element and it holds well, however a little craft glue would assist in this craft’s longevity. 

Red Clay

add eyebrows

3. Roll the blue clay to make the mouth and attach to Forky’s face. Again, I didn’t use glue, but this can be attached using a little glue.


  • Blue permanent marker for the mouth and red for the eyebrows
  • Blue and red wool/string could also be used


4. Glue the eyes to the face. I used a hot glue gun, but craft glue would be better for little hands. Hot glue can go through the fork prongs and burn little hands. I used this to adhere the eyes quickly. 


5. Cut the Paddle Pop Stick in half and glue together to create the feet. 

Forky Legs

6. Use the white clay to adhere Forky’s body on the paddle pop stick feet. Add a rainbow sticker to the right stick as needed. 


Make Forky from Toy Story 4

Such an easy craft to make with the kids after you’ve seen the movie. 

Forky Toy Story 4

For some behind the scenes designs from the Toy Story 4 movie, check the Pixar website here.

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