Pom Pom Animal Bookmarks

These Pom Pom Animal Bookmarks are a fun craft activity to do. It’s also an easy craft to have ready in a bag for kids to assemble at playgroup or daycare.

pom pom animal bookmarks

I remember when I was little, my grandma had a mouse bookmark. It had a felt body and a piece of leather strap with two beads as a tail end for a bookmark. I’ve based this craft on that bookmark I remember from my childhood.

When my daughter and I started this craft, I experimented with our existing supplies to make a sheep. My four year old was quick to point out – sheep don’t have long tails, but mice do!

And so we made two more bookmarks and made them to look like a mouse. I share below how we made the sheep bookmark. 

You can change this craft to make any type of animal. Give your kids free reign with this activity and see what they come up with. Some ideas could be a dog, cat, snake or possum. Think of an animal with a long tail. 


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue
  •  Felt – pre-cut into ear shapes
  •  Ribbon
  •  Big Pom Pom
  •  Googley Eyes
  •  Small pom pom for nose
  •  Pipe cleaners for whiskers

pom pom bookmark

How to

1. Glue the ears

glue ears

2. Glue to eyes

glue the eyes

3. Glue the nose

glue the nose

4. Glue the whiskers

glue the whiskers

5. Glue the ribbon and you now have a complete pom pom mouse bookmark!

animal bookmarks

Pom Pom Sheep Bookmark

The sheep book mark follows the same procedure. We added a little black pom pom tail for my four year old’s benefit. 

sheep pom pom bookmark

No more bending the pages or using a receipt to mark your place in a novel. These bookmarks will guarantee a smile every time you use it. 

Pom Pom Animal Bookmarks

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