18 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids and Adults

If you have a large family, it feels like you have a birthday every month. And when two members of the family share their birthday in the same month, it can feel overwhelming to come up with a new cake idea.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about easy. In fact, when I’ve searched for cakes on Pinterest, I always put SIMPLE and EASY in the search. I tend to leave it to the last minute to create a cake.

But there have been times when I have gone to do a simple cake and it hasn’t turned out how I thought (looking at you hundreds and thousands cake!!)

These 18 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas are just that. Easy. Perfect for kids or adults alike. They are easy. Some are even bought cakes that have been hacked. Kelly and I have made these for our own families and the kids have absolutely loved them.

18 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas

1. Candy Box Cake

The Candy Box Cake is a loved favourite for all the family. You can tailor it to the Birthday person’s preferred lollies. You can check out this post on tips to assemble.

Candy Box Cake

2. Chocolate Overload Cake

A similar concept to the Candy Box Cake, the chocolate overload cake is simply a Woolies mud cake, iced and surrounded by chocolate stick biscuits and whatever chocolates the recipient likes. In this cake we’ve gone Maltesers and chopped Tim Tams. Tie a ribbon around the cake to keep the surrounding biscuits in place and match with candles. This cake was recently made for my Dad’s Birthday.

Chocolate overload cake

3. Honeycomb Crunch Cake

Like the chocolate overload cake, this cake is more rustic and is simply a Woolies mud cake, iced and covered with broken choc honeycomb pieces. It can be turned into a construction cake by adding trucks and earthmoving toys, if you have them.

Honecomb Crunch Cake

4. Basketball Cake

This is a simple cake for a sports loving kid or adult. You can make any sports ball from a round cake, but this is an example of a basketball cake using Kit Kats and Smarties.

Basketball Cake

5. Gravity Defying Cake

This cake looks awesome once it’s assembled. The instructions on how to make this cake can be found here. This cake is a hit with all family members, just tailor it to their tastes.

Gravity defying cake

6. Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Cake

This cake was made for one of my kids when they were going through a Peppa Pig phase. I used a ring cake tin and filled the middle hole with chocolate mousse. The scene was set with the kids figurines. So easy and effective.

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Cake

7. Jurassic World Inspired Cake

Another cake that sets the scene and needs figurines to finish. This Jurassic World Inspired cake is a great one for the dinosaur lover in the family.

Jurassic world cake

8. Lego Friends Poolside Cake

Another cake that is easy to assemble and tells a story by adding the Lego Friends and accessories to the cake. This was a fun cake to make and looks so effective. Just be sure to take all the Lego out before cutting it to eat.

Lego Friends cake

9. Tank Cake

Kids LOVE tanks and this cake is easy to carve and assemble. Uses basic lollies and Oreos for the wheels. It looks super effective when it’s done.

Tank Cake

10. Tangled/Rapunzel Donut Cake

My husband and I made this cake for one of our daughters as she was OBSESSED with the movie Tangled. This was the cake we made for her party. We baked the cake and it came out with a weird side rise. This made the perfect base for the cake. We then used strawberry iced donuts for the tower and decorated with store bought pen icing.

Tangled Cake

11. Minions Cupcakes

Maybe you’re looking for a fun idea for sending cupcakes into school? The kids will LOVE these Minion cupcakes. Best of all they are EASY to assemble with a few ingredients.

Minion Cupcakes

12. Minecraft Creeper Cake

This Minecraft Cake is so easy, you could decorate it in your sleep. Just need to bake a square cake, top with green icing and then use the thin Lindt chocolate blocks to make the creeper face. My 8 year old and her friends LOVED this cake.

Minecraft cake

13. Horse Themed Cake

If you have a horse or pony loving family member, they will adore this cake. Again, it needs figurines and fencing to accessorise. You can turn any cake into horse inspired cake.

Horse Themed Cake

14. Waterfall Scene Cake

If you have a family member who loves nature and getting out into the great outdoors, this waterfall scene cake is perfect. Easy to build and assemble.

Waterfall scene cake

15. Ice Cream Cake

For the ice cream lovers in the family, this Ice Cream Cake was a hit at a kids party. The ice cream was set in a loaf pan. When ready to serve, it was drizzle with Iced Magic and topped with crushed Tim Tams. Everyone wanted a second serve.

Ice Cream Cake

16. Sprinkles Number Cake

This cake is simple if you don’t have time to muck about with decorating a cake. Ice a baked cake. Trace the Birthday number on a piece of baking paper. Cut the number out and lay this on top of the cake and sprinkle. Once the baking paper is moved away, the number will be left on top.

Sprinkles Cake

17. Flowers and Strawberries Cake

A beautiful cake idea using flowers and strawberries. This is a cake hack using a Woolworths mud cake. The result is simply stunning.

flowers and strawberry cake

18. Sour Worm Mud Cake

This cake was recently made for my 5-year-old’s Birthday. It was decorated by the kids. The Trolli sour worms were given eyes. Smarties and lady bugs were added to give an outdoor and fun effect to the cake. Kmart has a great section of props which can be used to decorate a cake. The Happy Birthday topper has been kept for another cake in the future.

Sour Worms Cake

What easy cakes have you made for your family?

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