Baby Secrets Bottle Surprise, BFF Handbag Surprize and Deluxe Besties Toy Review

My girls love the Baby Secrets range and Best Furry Friends toys from Headstart.

They play with them in the bath, with their other toys to create imaginative scenes and they are tiny enough to fit in their handbag for play on the go in the car.

When Baby Secrets and Best Furry Friends launched deluxe versions of their popular collections, we were excited to review them.

Sometimes, it can be hard to know whether a toy is worth the investment beyond the packaging, but I love how the packaging for these toys can be used as part of the imaginative play. My girls love having the items displayed in their bedroom, or used in the bath. The packaging for these toys would be best for display.

They are available from Big W and Mr Toys Toyworld and make a great inclusion for a gift to another child or a stocking filler for Christmas.

Baby Secrets Bottle Surprise, BFF Handbag Surprize and Deluxe Besties

Baby Secrets Bottle Surprise

The Baby Secrets Bottle Surprise includes a large plastic bottle which your child opens and spins to reveal the baby inside. Each baby is dressed in super cute occupation outfit and there are 6 to collect.

opening baby secrets bottle surprise
baby surprises

Accessories included with each baby are a baby bottle, diaper (on the doll) and a potty.

baby bottle surprise

Use water to fill the bottle to feed your baby and inside the diaper will reveal what gender the baby is.

feeding baby

This concept reminds me of the Magic Nursery Dolls from the 1990’s where you would kiss its cheek and a heart would appear.

It’s a similar concept with the nappy, but a miniature version. A pink star is a girl, blue star is a boy.

baby boy gender reveal

When the nappy is off, you can feed the baby again and sit it on the potty to see if it does a wee or poo.

baby bottle surprise
This baby has done a wee!


This is a fun take on the Merbabies we reviewed earlier this year. My girls enjoyed playing with their dolls and this will add to their bath play. The babies are super cute and they stand in their bottle which makes it a great toy to have on display in their rooms.

BFF Handbag Surprize

I had seen the BFF Handbag Surprize purses at the shops and thought they were an ideal gift idea or something that could be used as a stocking filler.

The purse is a durable silicone and ideal for kids to use just generally when out and about.

purse surprize

Each purse includes a surprize pet with it’s own accessory, charm accessory and bracelet. These items add to their imaginative play with the existing toys they own from the range. They can also be played with the Deluxe Bestie Doll editions.

best furry friends pet

Deluxe Besties

We were sent the Deluxe Bestie Angelina and I gave this to my eldest daughter (aged 8) to play with.

Angelina and Stardust
Angelina comes with accessories and Stardust the Unicorn. They have their own matching necklace because they’re BFF’s. Other pet is from the Handbag Surprize

The appeal was the long hair and bright accessories. Angelina comes with a pet unicorn which my daughter LOVED.

The long hair can be braided and accessorized. It’s a toy I’d give as the gift, rather than a stocking filler.

Overall Thoughts

I’m mindful of the toys we bring into our house because they have to be stored and I consider ‘do they add to creative play?’ I believe these toys do and can work in with existing toys they own to create different play scenarios.

My girls initiated play together with their new toys which I loved because I didn’t prompt them to do it. Having similar toys gave them something common to enjoy together.  The affordability ensures each child in the family can have their own baby or pet so they can take part in the play.

Playing together
A short video of the children playing with the toys.

For more information about Baby Secrets, check out their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel

For more information about Best Furry Friends, check out their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel

Disclosure: We were gifted these toys for review on the blog. All opinions our own.

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