Moustache Lollipops for Father’s Day PLUS other DIY Last Minute Gift Ideas

I’m not really a fan of men’s facial hair, but I have friends who love it. I’m in camp no for the mo, unless it’s grown for a worthy cause like Mo for Movember. My husband took part in this a few years ago and I couldn’t wait till the 1st of December.

What I didn’t realise was my husband’s love for the mo and so these Moustache Lollipops came to be. It’s a mo I’m happy to endorse because there is no facial hair in sight!

Moustache lollipops for Father's Day

The kids will love putting these together, although adult help will be needed when cutting the moustaches and beards and using a Stanley or paper cutting knife for the lollipop incision.


  • Lollipops
  • Cardboard and printer
  • Scissors
  • Paper Knife
Moustache Lollipops for Father's Day

Moustache Printables

These images will need to be saved on your computer and printed on cardboard. The bigger the mo, the better as the incision needs plenty of width for the lollipop stick.

Men's Moustache - Copy
Men's Moustache - Copy
Mens Beard for Lollipops


  1. Cut out the mo or beard using scissors
cut out mo for father's day lollipops

2. Use the Stanley knife to do a cross incision so the lollipop stick can go through. Ensure you have cardboard to protect your bench when making the incision.

Moustache lollipops

3. Push through the lollipop, ensuring the black moustache is facing away from the lollipop. This ensures the Mo is outward.

Father's day moustache lollipops

You can make a variety of different styles to evoke Dad’s inner Mario style!

Moustache Lollipops for Father's Day
Moustache lollipops

Other last minute DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for other last minute Father’s Day gift ideas which are DIY, here are some ideas.

Rock Paper Weight

father's day craft idea -- dad rock paperweight

Chocolate Plane

fathers day chocolate planes

Storage Cube of Treats

dad's storage cube of treats

Wookie Cookies

Father's Day Wookie Cookies

Napkin Bow Tie

napkin bow ties

Foldable Paddle Pop Stick Card

Foldable Paddle Pop Stick Craft - no glue or paper required
Foldable Paddle Pop Stick Craft - no glue or paper required

Paddle Pop Stick Note Pad Holder

Father's Day Craft - Paddle Pop Stick Note Pad Holder

Dear Dad Letter

Dear Dad Letter - Fill in the Blanks - Great for Father's Day

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