Söka Tub Review – The Laundry Tub Divider You Didn’t Know You Needed

Most Aussie laundries have one sink or tub which is usually used for soaking clothes with heavy stains.

When you have kids, the laundry tub gets a good run for its money. Grass stains, mud stains, blood stains, paint stains and the unavoidable Spaghetti Bolognese stains are the common ailments my laundry tub assists with.

But sometimes I need more than one tub. One kid will have paint stains on a coloured top, while another will have grass stains on white leggings and I really don’t want to soak both together in case the leggings turn a light pink.

This is where the Söka Tub comes in handy.

Soka tub review

Designed by Brisbane mum, Nicole Gibson, Söka Tub offers 3 separate sections for soaking in the one storage container.

Soka tub sections
soka tub review

It’s easy to use, store and drain, as each compartment can be drained individually. So no need to wade your hand into a full tub of nappy soaked water to pull the plug.

soka tub review
draining soka tub

If you use green laundry products for soaking, the compartments can be drained in the garden, so it offers an environmentally friendly grey water alternative to water your garden .

Soka tub review

From a plumbing point of view, the Söka Tub is a genius concept. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be used just in the laundry.

Other ways to use Söka Tub in family life are…

  • Hair Accessories – brushes & spray + clips + hair bands
soka review
Soka tub review
  • Craft Supplies – pencils + felt pens + paper and stickers or paint + paint brushes + stencils and stamps
  • Barbies – Barbie dolls + clothes + accessories
  • Bath Toys – Cups + squishy bath toys + figures
  • Toy Sorting – LEGO + Little Ponies + Shopkins
soka tub toy sorting


Soka tub sections
  • Söka Tub is an 8 piece unit.
  • Dimensions approx 30cm (w) x 26cm (ht) x 26.5cm (d)
  • Combined total volume of 23 litres.
  • Durable and stain-resistant
  • BPA free plastic
  • The 2 tone look comes from the main tub, lid and draining lids being a light grey,  and the 3 removable compartments being white.
soka tub review

You can order your own Söka Tub here. They retail for $64.95 plus $12.95* shipping in Australia.

Disclosure: We were gifted one Söka Tub for the purpose of this review.

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