Koala on Skis Christmas Biscuits

It’s getting to the end of the year where Christmas parties and get togethers require ‘bring a plate to share’.

I love these opportunities to get creative and make a platter of biscuits or treats I know the kids will LOVE.

These Koala on Skis Christmas Biscuits will be a hit and they even make a great food craft for kids at playgroup or end of year school activities. You will need a fridge for the chocolate to set though, and crank that air conditioner to help the chocolate set and prevent the Koala melting into caramel goo.


  • Pack of Caramello Koalas
  • Chocolate Buds, melted
  • Mini Candy Canes
  • Arrowroot Biscuits
  • Desiccated Coconut (not pictured)
Koala on Skis Christmas Biscuits


  1. Melt the chocolate and smear this on the biscuit and place the candy canes on top for the skis.
smear chocolate
add the skis

2. Dip the Caramello Koala into the melted chocolate and place it on the candy canes (skis). Place the biscuit in the freezer to set.

Caramello Koala on Skis

3. Once set, remove from the freezer and smear more chocolate around the biscuit. Then sprinkle the coconut for the snow.

sprinkle coconut
Koala on Skis Christmas Biscuits

4. Sprinkle coconut on your plate. Place all the koala biscuits on the plate to create a snow scene.

Koala on Skis Biscuits

I mean, how adorable are they? Too cute to eat.

Koala on Skis Christmas Biscuits

They look fabulous served on any plate! The ideal Aussie Christmas ‘bring a plate to share’ for those longing for a White Christmas.

Koala on Skis Christmas Biscuits

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    Santa's Letter Elf
    November 13, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    These koalas are very cute, and I love how simple they are to make, too. Of course, being made of mostly chocolate makes them pretty hard to beat!
    I might try them with white chocolate melts so the biscuit surface is white under the coconut snow, too 🙂

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